The Psychology of Color in Home Decoration [Infographic].

The Psychology of Color in Home Decoration [Infographic]

Without colors life is meaningless so as our home. Colors are very important part in interior decoration and a room’s color effects our mind and mood. Some colors bring happiness, peace, serenity and relaxation while some colours make us unpleasant. So today, we are coming up with wonderful infographic that will show you how color psychology effects. 

PaintersofLouisville and Nowsourcing brings a wonderful infographic about the psychology of color. Let’s have a look at the inforgraph and see what colors say.

Psychology of Color [Infographic]

Courtesy of NowSourcing, Inc

Colors for different home areas

Bedroom: Green

Girl’s Room: Pink

Kitchen: Yellow

Living Room: Lavender

Dining Room: Red

Office: Blue

What are your thoughts on the psychology of colors while designing home interior? As a guy, I would love to have blue color in my bedroom.

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