Home renovation Project Thailand

The renovation house project by Mepitree Design Studio

The couple client has bought the house and decided to renovate for their lifestyle living. We design the space looks light, cozy, and modern traditional.

House renovation project by Mapitree

Start from the exterior, there are fixed windows and doors to allow the natural light pass through the space. The design of windows and doors we wish to have is little traditional way to give a homely look. The finishing of the wall exterior is the pattern wooden that have solid white.

Come inside the house we have got a double volume space that have very high ceiling. The first focal point of this area is the decorated wall behind television. The wallpaper pattern is matching with other elements in the space. Blue color scheme come from the most color the client likes. So, you will see blue elements around the house. The hall contains the airy space for relaxing on the living furniture set. Second focal point is the island where the dining and working activities will happen here. Also, this grand island contains many of storage for client supplies. All of furniture, chandelier, and the stove came from the old house of our client. And that was very perfect matching with the decoration of this house.

Home renovation Project Thailand

All the bedrooms have their own character from the furniture design. But the aim of these bedroom, we want to have a lightly and airy bedroom. The elements of props and decor things give the lively and warm atmosphere.

Interior Design Project by MEPITREE DESIGN STUDIO, Thailand

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Website: https://www.mepitree.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mepitree/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mepitree/

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