Amazing kitchen countertop design 2019

The Top 5 Countertop Materials for 2019

Trends come and go from one decade to the next when it comes to home renovations. Fluctuations in the availability of certain materials and changing popular tastes help to mold the way we design and outfit our homes. Cost, style and the pros and cons that come with each type of material designers and contractors use can vary drastically, from inexpensive options like laminate all the way up to premium rare types of natural stone.

Amazing kitchen countertop design 2019
Amazing kitchen countertop design for 2019

So it’s no wonder that anyone that has undergone upgrades to their kitchen or bathroom will tell you that the hardest choice they had to make was picking which type of countertop to choose.

If you’ve been agonizing over which type of countertop material would be best for your next kitchen or bathroom upgrade, never fear; we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 most popular materials to break it all down for you. Read on and we’ll tell you the difference between each type of the most in-demand and popular countertop materials of the moment so you can confidently make an informed decision about your next home renovation project.


Classic. Luxurious. Sophisticated. Nothing says high-end in your home quite like marble finishes.

Featuring rivers of natural veining in a variety of colors, shapes and designs, no two slabs of marble will be exactly alike, making this material a must-have choice for interior designers and home decor pros alike. Because marble is so expensive, many homeowners opt to use this countertop material only for small areas of their home, such as a kitchen island.

While marble is heat-resistant, it’s also a little bit of a diva compared to other countertop materials, as it requires regular sealing to prevent damage and staining, and is also vulnerable to scratching. If not properly cared for, your gleaming white marble countertop can be easily stained by wine, coffee and other common countertop spills.

It’s also a softer material than other popular natural stone, making it easy for pots, pans, appliances and other items to easily dent and scratch it. However, if you are really set on using marble, but are worried about scratching and staining, all hope is not lost.

One option that many homeowners are choosing is to use honed marble (with a matte finish) over high gloss marble so that scratches, dents and stains will be less noticeable, and will still give you the beauty and luxury you crave for your home.


Durable and beautiful, granite countertops elevate the look of your home and are a must-have for absent-minded home cooks and busy families alike. Featuring a grainy, textured appearance in a wide range of dimensional colors, which you can find at this website, granite easily blends into a variety of kitchen and bathroom decor styles.

This natural stone material is scratch-resistant and heat-resistant, meaning it will take a lot of wear and tear and keep its beautiful finish for years to come. Like other natural stone materials, granite is also porous and will need to be regularly sealed, so it does require a little bit of maintenance and upkeep.

However, once sealed, these countertops will be easy to clean, creating a stain-proof, bacteria-resistant surface you’ll enjoy for years to come. Like other high-end finishes, investing in granite countertops for your home will only add value to your home, and if you plan to sell your home in the near future, you’ll be sure to see that investment returned.


Quartz is an engineered countertop material that is making its way to the top of the list of in-demand materials for kitchens and bathrooms. This compound product features about 90% real quartz stone and 10% resin and polymers, that can be shaped into a variety of sizes, and can be produced in a wide selection of colors, patterns and finishes.

Quartz can be engineered to recreate the look of delicately veined marble, pebbly granite, or even fabricated into a smooth, slab of solid color. Because quartz is so versatile, it is becoming more in demand by homeowners looking to create a truly unique interior design idea, or to recreate the look of more expensive or higher-maintenance materials at a lower price point.

Quartz is also durable and resistant to chipping, scratching and staining, making it a true work horse material ideal for any kitchen or bathroom countertop.


This dark gray natural stone is making its mark again on the home renovation scene, due to its durability, resistance to staining and classic overall appearance. Soapstone offers an excellent option when updating historic homes, or giving modern homes a vintage feel, and has a soft and silky feel under hand. While soapstone is mostly heat-resistant, one of the only drawbacks to this premium material is that it is vulnerable to scratches and dents.

However, these imperfections can give the stone an attractive patina over time, making this an ideal option for those that enjoy a rustic or vintage aesthetics. Soapstone must also be regularly oiled to retain its beauty, making this a slightly high-maintenance material, but one that will add value to your home nonetheless.


Concrete countertops? You read that right; thanks to home design and renovation TV shows and a movement towards modern industrial finishes, high-end concrete countertops have made their way into many a kitchen. Concrete countertops can be acid-stained, etched, stamped and sealed to create a finished surface effect that appeals to a variety of styles and tastes.

Concrete countertops can also be shaped and formed to fit a variety of sizes and spaces, and are impervious to scratching and heat. As you would expect, concrete offers a very durable and long-lasting surface that is easy to clean and maintain, and will add value to your home.

However, cracking can sometimes occur, and repairing these cracks are almost impossible. Concrete is also among the more expensive surfaces for your kitchen countertop, and might not be a material that appeals to all prospective home buyers if you are looking to sell your home in the near future.

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