Things to consider while buying a Dinner Set

Things to consider while buying a Dinner Set

Dinner Set is a necessary utility for any home. Dinner sets are extraordinary household staples as they can be used for several years, sometimes passed on from one generation to another generation.

The plates, bowls and cups are used to serve a meal which makes a statement about the owner and sets a tone for the meal. Bright, colorful plates indicate a fun and casual meal, while fine white china is the indicator of a fancy meal.

Things to consider while buying a Dinner Set

Different types of dinner sets are used for different occasions such as everyday meal, informal and formal occasions. These days, they are available in many varieties of materials, sizes and designs. So, few things that should be kept in mind while buying a dinner set are:

1. Budget

It is one of the most important features for buying any product. Depending upon your pocket, you can select the type of dinner set you want or you will need to have an idea of how much you are willing to spend. It has different sizes, materials and designs. Price varies on dinner set to dinner set. Make sure to keep the quality factor in your mind as well as high quality dinnerware is ultimately a lasting investment.

2. Number of pieces

Such a dinner set should be chosen that has more number of plates, bowls and spoons than needed in your daily routine at dinner. You may not know when unexpected guests show up. If you have the space and can afford it, get at least enough accessories for the biggest dinner parties you would want to host.

It’s important to get a good number or spare plates and bowls should be there as you never know when your crockery becomes chipped or even smashed in an unfortunate incident, no matter how careful you and your family are. Spare pieces or backup pieces can assure you of continuity. Also, you can purchase serving dishes to go along with the set. This can include platters, serving bowls, vegetable bowls, gravy boat etc.

3. Purpose

The right dinner set depends on how it is used. It should be chosen according to the environment the consumer wants to create. It can also be appropriate to buy two sets of dinner set, one for casual everyday use and other for formal gatherings.

If it is to be used on daily basis, then the 32 piece dinner set which contains spoons, plates, serving bowls etc and if it is for formal gatherings, then elaborate 19pcs dinner set as it contains soup bowls and spoons, bigger serving bowls etc.

4. Design

The design should not be loud as it kills the look of the food. Look for designs with plain colors in the background and a simple print. Do not buy plates with large prints as they overpower the color of the food.

5. Material

Dinner Set have variety of materials. Some of them are:

Earthenware: It is one of the oldest material. It is made from unrefined clay and fired at low temperature which has a hefty weight and a homespun feel.

Stoneware: It is made from refined clay and fired at higher temperature which is hard and perfect for everyday use.

Porcelain: It is a stoneware fired at highest temperatures which is durable and non-porous with a glass like appearance.

Ironstone: It is the highly durable stoneware which is an alternate to porcelain. It has more causal finish which is perfect for everyday dining.

Bone China: It is the porcelain made with bone-ash which is light weight, translucent and milky white.

Glass: It can perfectly clear, or colored or transparent as well as opaque.

6. Shape and Color

Dinner sets are available in numerous shapes and colors. They can be either rim-shaped, coup-shaped or square shaped with both bold and light colors. Aspect of color plays an important role in selecting a dinner set. Choosing the right color is very essential. Therefore, White is always a safe choice as it goes with every mood and occasion. Also, you can choose the color based on the dining room decor.

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