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Tips To Remodel Your Living Room

Living rooms are the first thing your guests notice as they enter your home. Thus your living room should be decorated with the utmost care and effort, after all, our house reflects our personality.

Has renovating your living room been in your mind lately?

Well, then here are some tips which might be fruitful and are easy to adopt:

1. Wall paint

A fresh coat of paint is enough to change the appearance of your living room. But choosing the perfect color is tricky. For a subtle look choose soft hues like baby pink, mauve, olive green.

Stylish wall art for green living room interior design by homedecorbuzz
Stylish wall art for green living room interior design by homedecorbuzz

For a dramatic overtone choose darker shades like wine color, royal blue. Pop color like lemon yellow or light green creates a vibrant atmosphere. If you want to ditch the pastel shades go for textures of patterns.

2. Accessories

A perfect wall paint is best suited by appropriate ornamentation. Select furniture that complements the overall tone of the home. Floral curtains, colorful rugs will add glamour to the room. Use the available space intelligently. Create a faux space within the living room. Dedicate a small space of the house as a reading room. Arrange some books and create an in house library.

3. Add quirk and fun

Quirky furniture and decorative items will add fun to the living room. Pop colored pillows, mirrors, tables, book racks, table lamp are stylish yet classy.

4. Art gallery

Fill your living room with artwork. Abstract painting, sculptures or showpieces. They will provide a touch of sophistication to the room. If you love to paint, scribble or doodle use the walls as your canvas.

5. Decorative light

Enhance the beauty of the room by arranging some decorative lights. Enjoy a lazy evening at home, sit back and spend some quality time with loved ones enjoying a movie date. If you are planning a house party decorative lights will create the ideal ambience for a house party.

6. Touch of green

A dash of green in the living room makes it look lively. Plan your home in such a way that enables natural light and fresh air. Ornamental flower plants increase beauty at the same time is low maintenance. Money tree, snake plant, pothos jade, peace lily adds a hint of color to the ordinary room.

7. A blend of tradition and contemporary

The vintage never goes out of fashion. Wooden furniture is graceful and classy. Velvet finish wooden sofa, chairs and tables matched will add drama and charisma to your living room. Fuse royal and classic colors like royal blue or gold with modern design architecture.

8. Beach style

Go for a fun beach style living room with colors like blue and white. Fish, horse and, beach sports, coral, seashell, sea horse other motifs on the wall will create a perfect atmosphere. Things made of seashells look adorable make attractive decorative items.

9. DIY

Involve yourself in the decoration and even the children. Go for easy handmade crafts that can be showcased in the living room. You can also use framed up paintings for wall decoration.

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  1. The part of your article that discusses the different lighting fixtures you can use in a living room setup was definitely my favorite part. As someone who has recently gotten a knack for hosting house parties, I wanted to remodel my large living room to be more conducive to things like movie viewing sessions and game nights, so the ambiance is definitely key here. I’ll make sure I keep all these lighting tips in mind when I get a residential architect to help me plan out my remodeling project.

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