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Top 4 Tips To Clean Your Home Thoroughly

Cleanliness is key to maintaining health and wellness. This is why regular cleaning of homes is a must. A thoroughly cleaned house is the delight of everyone. This can be hard to achieve, especially if you’re not living alone. However, thoroughly cleaning your home shouldn’t be too challenging.

Following the tips below can help make deep cleaning of your home amazingly easy for you.

Home cleaning

1. Make a Checklist

Creating a cleaning checklist is a great place to start and can help prioritize what needs to be done first. Map out the areas which are the dirtiest. It’s also good to map out the cleaning pattern you want to use. You should also estimate the time it’ll take to get each space cleaned up.

Creating a checklist helps you achieve a lot in a little time. It also allows you to clean all areas without forgetting any important one.

2. Delegate Duties and Allocate Areas

Deep cleaning is different from regular house cleaning. Most people get their home cleaned weekly, but a thorough clean is done periodically. This is because it requires a lot of time and energy.

To make the process easy, simply delegate various cleaning duties to different people within the house. If you live alone, invite your family and friends to help you, or seek professional cleaning help. Some areas and items that you and your family members must clean include:

Bathrooms and Toilets – Even if you clean your showers and toilets frequently, you still need to do a thorough clean periodically. Due to the insane amount of work attached to this area, it’s better to start your cleaning activity here.

Lights, Ceiling Fans, Doors, and Windows – Lighting fixtures, mirrors, ceiling fans, doors, and windows accumulate dirt quickly. So, they’ll require a clean once in a while.

Drawers, Cabinets, and Cupboards – These areas get cluttered quickly and accommodate a whole lot of dirt. Declutter these areas and remove the dust.

Bed Rooms, Living Room, Kitchen Storage Room, Attic, and Basement – Different rooms and spaces are covered here. Remember to clean the nooks, crannies, and corners of each room or space because they harbor dirt the most. Remove your carpets and rugs for thorough washing as well.

Furniture – Your chairs, tables, couches, shelves, stands, and the likes fall under this category. Clean them using quality cleaning items (dust rag or a slightly damp cloth) that won’t damage them. Once you’re done, you can consider applying furniture polish to their surfaces to make them shine.

Appliances – The likes of a refrigerator, stove, oven, microwave, washing machine fall under this cleaning category. You need to handle them cautiously and take care not to damage them. Clean them as specified by the respective manufacturers.

Picture Frames, Clocks, Mirrors, and Art Works – These items don’t need a thorough cleaning. Just wipe or dust their surfaces and you’re good to go. These items should also be handled with care because they break easily.

Outdoor spaces – Outdoor spaces include your garage, patio, backyard, and lawn. Mow the grass, clear the surroundings, and remove cobwebs. Focusing on these areas can help you to achieve greater results. Once the cleaning is done, you can go ahead to touch up anything that you feel needs extra attention.

3. Clear Away Items

Before you start cleaning, clear out the clutter. Items that might obstruct your work or things that could get damaged during cleaning should be moved to the storage room.

If you’re spring cleaning your home , you can move the items you don’t need to the next room. Items that have not been used over long periods of time should be disposed of. You can consider giving these items away or conducting a yard sale.

Once finished, you can rearrange the items you’ve kept. Don’t forget to remove your drapes, window blinds, duvets, and other clothes for washing.

4. Get Your Cleaning Essentials

Your cleaning essentials are important, so gather them before you start your cleaning. For easy access, you can put the items into a caddy cleaner or a big bucket. Make a list of all the cleaning items you need. Some things you may need include:

● Multipurpose brushes
● Mop
● Broom
● Vacuum cleaner
● Soap
● Bleach
● Gloves
● Sponges
● Lint roller
● Polish

These are just some of the items which can help. Be sure to take proper precautions when using chemicals such as bleach to reduce the risk of chemical burns or inhalation.

Rubber gloves and well-fitting disposable nitrile gloves are absolutely essential when cleaning. Wear rubber gloves when handling chemical cleaners and disposable gloves when disposing of waste, especially those that may contain health hazards.


Are you looking for ways to get your thorough home cleaning started? Start by making a list, delegating cleaning duties, and be ready with your cleaning essentials. By following the tips mentioned in this article, you’ll soon have that sparkling, clean home you’ve always wanted.

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