Wall Prints DIY ideas for home decoration.

5 Top DIY wall art Ideas for Your Home

Today our homes do not only work as our shelter but instead they have evolved with us and now they are more of a status symbol for us in the society. People these days tend to assess each other‘s financial strength by the type of house we live in. Interior decorations on the wall are also one of the major factors that increase the face value of your house.

But today in this “hyper expensive” world, home décor is a luxury only the rich can afford. Today people tend to think that if a decor item is to be good then it has to be worth a king’s ransom, but today I am going to share some DIY (do it yourself) wall art ideas for your home which are reasonable but provide a up market feel to the eyes of the observer and will be an instant hit with your family and friends.

5 DIY Wall Art Ideas

Rope Words

In this technique a manila rope is required along with some glue, some innovative word and of course an empty wall. Just think of any word of words if you may and write it on a butcher paper keeping in mind how high you want the letters to be and once it is complete mix the rope in glue and start outlining the letters you have written on the butcher paper and now allow it to dry.

DIY Rope Words Wall Art for lovely bedroom.
“LIGHT” is written on wall.

Once dry just peel the written word from the butcher paper and stick it on the wall with the help tape and one in position just use small nails to fix it permanently to the wall. There you have it a simple and easy to make décor for your empty wall.

Yarn Wall Hanging

Yarn is one of the simplest and the most easily available thing and some of might even have it at our homes but we never looked at it for the purpose of decoration but believe me this simple looking thing can do wonders in decor if used skillfully.

Yarn Wall Hanging for DIY wall art home decor ideas.

Just buy different colors of yarn and place it vertically on a large tree branch or a stick and just let it hangout with your wall and the chemistry which the yarn generates with the wall really makes us feel that they are made for each other. You can be as much innovative as you want and create different styles with the yarn by interweaving different colors or suspending thing with the help of yarn.

Folded Paper Squares

Now you would think that folding squares is linked with origami, but trust me to make this one you really do not need to be an origami master. Just the good old school folding of different color papers and pasting them on a wall in a grid format. It’s cheap, simple, and the 3D sculptural look is fun. If you have an area where the amount of light is good then you would be amazed at the shadows you would get.

Folded paper square wall arts for home interior decoration ideas.

Wall Prints

We have always seen those ads in television where the walls are painted on with some form of pattern and damn they look classy too. But when you approach the painter for the same you come heartbroken by the price the painter quotes. So I am going to show you a easy way to paint your with a pattern by yourself.

Wall Prints DIY ideas for home decoration.

Its really easy to make, just take a cardboard and cut into desired shape, now start tracing it’s shape on the wall with a pencil and then paint the pencil lines. It looks great though I would agree it is a bit tiring job but the results are worth the efforts.

Framed Fabrics

This is by far the most easy DIY wall decor for your home. Just buy small pieces of fabrics or wallpaper and frame them. Here what you should keep in mind is that if you are decorating a wall where the light is low then refrain from using dull fabrics, let your vibrant thoughts come out. Just combine a bright vibrant fabric with a rusty dull looking frame and see how it gives your wall a modern rustic look.

DIY Framed Fabrics for wall art in home decoration.

What do you think about these Do It Yourself wall art ideas? Do you have any wall decor idea? Then share it with us.

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