Beautiful living room designed for 3-bhk flat in Kolkata

Top Rated Tricks to Maximize your Living Room

Family room or living room is the backbone of a house and the centre of most of the routine activities on the part of almost all the members of a family. It will not be wrong to say that the living room reflects the overall culture and life style of the family.

Beautiful living room designed for 3-bhk flat in Kolkata

The way your living room looks tells the aesthetic approach of your personality. So, it is essential that it give an overall balanced look in each and every respect. It will definitely prove a drain on your budget, which may be compensated if you save hundreds on your power bills with the right air conditioning unit.

Now, living rooms come in all shapes and sizes, from small and square to large and long. Irrespective of the size and shape, a living room should look a capacious one to feel attractive. A cluttered or messy living room will give a disgusting and suffocating look.

Depending upon the relative aesthetic sense and the logical approach, there are always certain ways to maximize the floor space of your living room. Though the use of smart curtain designs, clever lighting and the specific articles of furniture do make a huge difference, it is actually the arrangement of various things as per specific sense of decor which maximizes your floor space.

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Bright living room interior design 2016.

Keeping in mind the various sizes and shapes of living rooms, we have worked out some top-rated tricks to maximize your living room space. These tricks will guide you a lot to embellish your living room.

1. Tricks for a square room

A square room often gives the look of a box or cabin. You can give it a wider look by a mixture of scaled and shaped setting. The befitting tricks are:

Focal point

The window or the fireplace should be the focal point or the significant place of your squarish living room and all your furniture should be directed towards the focal point.

Pose vertical

In order to invite the eye upwards and create an impression of height, just below the ceiling should be the starting point of your curtains instead of just above the window.

Lovely rug for living room.

Multipurpose furniture

A sensible trick to maximize space and storage is to place ottomans that double up as seating and footstools.

Create Illusion

This can be done by placing a large mirror above the sofa and the room will begin to look wider.

2. Tricks for a long room

Long but less wide room often looks like a vacant corridor if its furniture is pushed to the edges. You can use the available space best if you break the room up into smaller portions. So, the suitable tricks are:

Create zones

Divide the long room into zones so that it may become a combination of two or three rooms at a time. You can do so by fixing the seating at one end of the space, a workstation at somewhere in the mid area and a small dinning space at the extreme or far end of the room.

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Use rugs

To unify the whole space, use rugs. A layer of texture will do the trick, besides.

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Input clever division

Input clever division with an L-shaped sofa without cluttering the room at all. A low bookshelf placed against it will serve as an extra storage and surface space.

Round edges

Straight edges of the long room give a long but narrow look. A circular coffee table will counteract amazingly. Lamps, vases and cushions all in round shapes or with soft edges will also reduce the intensity.

3. Tricks for an L-shaped room

Extending a rectangular room often results into an L-shaped room which tend to present a disconnected look. Here, the magical tricks are:

Colour cohesion

Though the living and dinning areas may be separated significantly by different patterns or artwork, their colour scheme should be kept uniform to give an overall commodious look.

Space savvy

Use the corner forming an L in the room as the living or sitting area so that both the ends may look unified.

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Floating or occasional furniture

Small occasional chairs spotted around will not only confer extra seating but also break up the angular shape of the room.

Clear pathways

The room will look united and spacious only if there is enough space to move around freely.

4. Tricks for an awkward room

Rooms having absolutely unconventional shapes due to diagonal walls and angled ceilings can be set right by clever furniture positioning making them look balanced. Hence, the clever tricks are:

Head towards centre

Always go to the centre with your furniture articles no matter how far you have to move from the walls.

Use the angles

Install a bespoke seat for the perfect reading nook if you find an oddly angled corner.

Delft blue living room interior design.

Shelf life

A diagonal wall space will make the best use of a tall book shelf.

Embrace asymmetry

Try your level best to balance the asymmetrical room by adding standout items like lamps, vases, statues, etc. in such areas.

Hence, these are the clever tricks to maximize the space of your small living room.

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