How to increase home real estate property value

Upgrades to Increase Your Home’s Real Estate Property Value

Are you moving out of your home to look for a better property that suits your needs? Confused on how to make your property more alluring so you can earn more buyers? Believe it or not, houses can be sold at a more profitable price if they have good features that other properties lack. You don’t have to settle for cheap deals; you can boost the prices with just a few tweaks. Your house doesn’t have to look like a millionaire’s mansion. All it takes is a little bit of TLC.

How to increase home real estate property value
How to increase home real estate property value. Photo by Unsplash/Jared Rice

Before you start actually doing something, plan how much you can spend on the projects, and go for a strict budget. Assess what your house needs and the areas you need to focus on before you start smashing walls and uninstalling fixtures. See if you can still revive some of the items with a bit of repair and painting to save money, and opt for some cool DIY projects that could save you a few bucks in the long run. Always be on the lookout for great deals and ideas that you can add to your home to make it appealing to the market.

Here are some ideas to make your home look like a million bucks:

1 Remodel the kitchen

One of the areas that are crucial in the deciding process is the kitchen. Buyers usually take this into account more than any other areas in the house. Since people spend more time in the kitchen and make loads of meals there, they often weigh their options based on the design and the size of the kitchen.

If your kitchen is a bit small, opt for smarter storage solutions that can keep the charm of your kitchen as well as make it functional. Don’t go overboard with the remodelling. You can simply paint the walls with fresh chic paint or add floating shelves for more storage. You can always consult the internet for more ideas that would suit your house. For appliances and lighting, go for energy-efficient ones that match the aesthetic of the rest of the house.

2. Bathroom renovation

Are the tiles of your bathroom floor and walls cracking, and do they seem to have come from the ’70s? Maybe it’s high time to change the tiles and update them. People like to choose houses with timeless or updated designs. Depending on the theme of your entire house, you can experiment with wood and concrete walls for a sleek look.

You can always find inspiration online. If most of your plumbing is outdated, maybe opt for new ones like an upflush toilet or a classy stone tub, depending on the theme and the colors of your house. Adding a unique feature, like a living wall or a towel rack, might increase the likelihood of successful selling.

3. Room styling

Are your rooms bare and boring? Add a bit of flair, and go for amazing popping colors. But always remember the ideal combinations that work with your theme. The rising popularity of pastel colors can help you in mixing and matching colors; pastels are really fun and easy to play around with. Don’t be afraid to go for uncommon colors and play with the color wheel.

Some buyers love a unique room. Like with every area in the house, add creative ways to add storage and shelves to promote smart storage solutions. Make sure you have make sure you have lockpicking tools just in case there are doors without keys so you can replace the lock with an updated one. If you plan to expand or style a room, bear in mind these things:

    1. Versatile rooms are still the best to increase popularity.
    2. Don’t leave out your basement since buyers are probably interested in turning it into an activity area or a second living room or guest room.
    3. Attic rooms are also great as another bedroom or a hobby room. Spice yours up as well without straying from the theme to make it alluring for buyers.
    4. DIY saves you more money. Do the painting and other simple tasks yourself!

4. Bigger windows mean better lighting

Natural light is everything. It saves you money and makes the space look bigger and better. Bigger windows mean you have to decorate less and you need fewer items to bring them to life. However, it can be hot during the summer, and big windows can really add to the heat in the room (which can be easily remedied by an eco-friendly air conditioner). But overall, big windows add light and vibrancy to the main room.

These are ideal in the living room rather than in bedrooms; it can be too bright to handle in the mornings, especially if you want to sleep in. With curtains and less light, big ceiling-to-floor windows can add value to your property.

5. Patios

If you watch various house-flipping shows, you know that everyone is crazy about patios. Patios can actually add value to your property, especially if yours has the same theme and color scheme as the rest of the house. Put a simple wooden table and chairs out, and you instantly give the image of spending hot summer days outside—something you want your buyers to do to inspire them to make a bid.

You can also create a simple patio by yourself and save more money. You can use wooden scraps or stones for a pathway or a decorative wall design. Want to add more charm? Go for a nice hanging swing!

6. Garden scaping

Gardens add a lot of value upon first look. Add flowering shrubs and trees to give that sense of zen that’s popular these days. Go for healthy green grass, and install sprinklers to keep it hydrated during hot summer days.

A beautiful garden is almost a deal maker in the house since it’s the first thing people see when driving by your property. A porch is not really needed, but it’s also a nice addition to the overall beauty of the face of the house. There’s a lot of inspiration you can find online, and you can even do it yourself!

7. Fence

Secure the deal with a sturdy fence. A sturdy fence is alluring these days for any small rodents and wild animals trespassing in properties in the neighborhood. A tall fence guarantees safety and privacy from neighbors⁠— something people need when they arrive home.

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