Vintage Home Decor Ideas and Tips.

Vintage Home Decor Ideas and Tips

Home is the only place where you spend your most of the time. Spending quality time in your home where soothing ambience is according to your own needs and taste. There are a lot of colour scheme is going on furniture, accessories and decoration. When the point of decoration comes, Vintage home decor is an add-on to your home. Nowadays, vintage home decor is very “IN”.

Vintage decoration in your house is suitable especially when you have a tight budget. Yet the modern gadgets fits perfectly at the time of decoration of your house, vintage decoration is best to give your home a new look. We all know that “old is gold”. Home with vintage decoration hold a certain charm, which is being liked by everybody. Blend of vintage interiors with modern gadgets like computer, modern-style lightning and furniture is the best outcome.

Vintage Home Decor Ideas and Tips.

Vintage home decoration tips

1. Vintage style door bell

To welcome your guests in a vintage style is the door bell of bygone era. Addition of door bell of bygone era is a beautiful addition to your home. Vintage door bell looks stunning and unique in itself at the time of welcoming guests at your place. To enhance the entrance of your home, you can also add wooden nameplate with gold or brass writing on it.

Moreover, you can also add a bell which is attached with the string. This bell is always rings at every time you pull it down. In addition to it, add a knocker to the door. Knocker can be of flower motif or any animal face like lion.

2. Touch of vintage with styled screen

Need privacy or separate place or area? Add-on a vintage styled screen that will solve your problem and will give an added touch of vintage in your room. You can add retro styled screen in your living room to separate it from your sitting room. Also, you can put on this styled screen in your bedroom as well to divide the area of bed and dressing table.

3. Addition of Gramophone

For all classic music lovers, gramophone is the best thing to add to your home. It’s not difficult to still find the gramophone in the market that is in good condition. You can place it anywhere like in your living room or sitting room or in the study room as well for personal enjoyment. Also, in your bedroom as well if it compliments with the rest of the room.

4. Antique looking telephone

You might have seen in black and white films, antique looking telephone. In the movies they are frequently placed and being used by the actors. It has gold or copper receiver and the number keys are in such a manner that if you want to press a single number you have to encircle the whole dial. This rustic look is good idea for vintage telephone decoration in your home.

Antique looking vintage telephone for home.
Antique looking vintage telephone

5. Chandelier

Vintage themed house without a huge chandelier is absolutely incomplete. Choose the chandelier made up of crystal with candle holder. It looks awesome when you through any classy evening party or you want to spend romantic evening with your beloved ones.

6. Another use of doorknobs

You can use old doorknobs in a very beautiful manner. Find some of the beautifully designed and old style door knobs and use it as coat or clothe hangers, picture holders, curtain hooks, towel holders and many more.

7. Candles

For an interesting dining table, place candles on the table with antique candle holder. This can be used to display in the rest part of house as well.

8. Medieval and Ancient Weapons

If you’re a lover of history, then ancient weapons for bygone eras are probably right up your alley. Show your love for history in your decor by creating a wall of ancient weapons in your dining area or living room. It can make an impressive display and an excellent conversation starter.

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