Plants to decorate porch wall

Top Ways To Decorate Your Porch Wall

Decorating the interiors might be an easy going job but the exteriors at times can be challenging to spruce up.

Porch walls define the statement of your taste and choice.  You might add up everything to your knowledge and end up buying things which seem to be useless, but hey! Who knows what might come as a needful one. Porch decorations are the aesthetic statement that can effortlessly transform drab to fab!

Plants to decorate porch wall
Plants to decorate porch wall

Here are top 5 ideas to decorate your porch wall in just a few bucks or no bucks at all.

Porch Wall Decorating Ways

1. Include your favorites

The best way to decorate a porch wall is by hanging a rope swing. These give a touch of relaxed vibes and is also an interesting way to make an empty porch wall look appealing. You can also plan to put a small sofa that was no more matching your interiors. Add a wooden table beside to keep your things or more importantly your food.

2.  Like interior, like exterior

Who would like a mini bar attached to the wall with all of your favorite drinks? OBVIOUSLY YOU! More the wood, less the tension of damage. You could keep a few beer bottles and soft drinks or hang a steel bucket full of ice and bottles of your favorite drinks (might add your baby’s milk bottle too). You can arrange for impromptu ‘porch parties’ with your closest buddies, just in case you are in the mood for it.

3. Wall of memories

Pictures framed can bring back the memories of your childhood where maybe you accidentally ended up scratching your uncle’s new car and all he could do is take a snap of happy, adorable you. Making collages with the frames can not only make the wall look aesthetic but also let you re-live your memories. To make it more apt, you can choose some car-related photographs that can easily evoke those fond memories.

4. Make plant friends

Plants and trees not only make you breathe freshly but also release the happiest vibes you would ever find. Planting climbers like Rosa ‘The Garland’, Sweet pea, the grapevine would immensely release the positive vibe and the heavenly smell every spring. These plants are also easy to be taken care of. Instead of leaving the wall of your stately porch bare, you can try out ivy plants. These creepers not only look beautiful but also cover up the entire wall area giving it a classy look.

5. Draw it out

Hang up a blackboard and draw your heart out, create doodles with those different colored chalks. Come on, the kid within us has not forgotten about playing with chalks yet. You could also quote yourself out, write about some fun words, or help people with the temperature. Design your life, as well as the blackboard. And you can bet that is going to be the most favourite spot with the kids in your house!

So, now that you are armed with these innovative ideas to decorate your porch wall, there’s no stopping you from becoming the local celebrity!

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