Terrific bedroom interior design gives luxury feel

Ways To Design Luxurious Master Bedroom

Bedrooms are almost all of our favorite corner of the home. It is our personal space which offers us absolute solitude. At the end of a tiring day, we feel most comfortable in our bedrooms. Even if the world falls apart, a good night’s sleep at your favorite spot can fix it all. Luxurious living is all we desire. But we also try to check the affordability.

Terrific bedroom interior design gives luxury feel
Terrific bedroom interior design gives luxury feel

Keeping all these in mind here are some designs to give your master bedroom a luxurious makeover.

1. Wooden wonder

A fully wood decorated room has a unique charm. There is a beautiful blend of traditional and conventional in the wooden designs. The polished pastel color will increase the glam factor best suited by vintage furniture like a rocking chair, wooden cupboard, study table, etc.

2. Color coordination

Nothing looks better than a colour-coordinated room. The light pastel shades of the wall paired with matching accessories adhere to the traditional style of designing bedrooms. It looks effortless. Such decoration is the best example of why it is said that less is more.

3. Boho vibe

If you are a boho at heart it is bound to reflect on your home. As your personality is best portrayed through your home. Funky accessories like some abstract showpiece, a mismatch lamp shade, colorful floor mat or rug will bring the rustic essence.

4. Royal touch

A dark blue color has a royal tone. If you choose blue as the room’s colour you can complement it by vintage furniture, tea tables, chair, classic wall clock or an antique lamp shade. Retreat to class and sophistication with such decor.

5. Beach glam

A combination of blue and white in your room will give a beach look. It will feel refreshing and vibrant. A textured blue wall against other white walls will look gorgeous. Match it up with floral designs to enhance the beauty. The pop colors will bring a casual approach.

6. Add some drama

Dominance of the color black will add the required drama to your master bedroom. Ditch the regular and go for something bold that will add vibrancy to the room. Bring back the gothic look with black. Contrast the black accessories with white walls of the room. The lovely contrast will give you a visual treat. You can even make a seating arrangement in your living room. A black family photo frame against the white wall will look stunning.

7. Artist’s corner

Turn your master bedroom into a gallery to display your talent. Draw, paint, scribble on the walls. Create fond memories and preserve them for a lifetime. Your contribution to your home will make you feel more connected. A beautiful painting in one of the walls of the home will create an elegant look. You can even opt for a mini library at one corner of the bedroom. Choose a bookshelf according to your taste that matches the ambience of the room.

Plan your master bedroom creatively as it is your ultimate comfort zone!

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