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12 Ways to Designs Kids Bathroom

It is a new idea to design and plan stuff for your kids in your house. Bathroom is the best place to design according to the needs of your children. The best part of re-designing your kid’s bathroom is that you can use and add as many colours, shades, graphics and other wonderful elements.

Kid's bathroom decorating ideas

You are free to experiment with as many ideas at a time and use more than one theme to redecorate your child’s bathroom. Few easy tips to design kid’s bathroom are given below.

Tips to design kid’s bathroom

1. Shower gel at arm’s length

Tie a rope or hanging that provides shower gel and other accessories required at the time of shower. Put all such necessary things at an arm length so that it is easily approachable by kids while bathing.

2. Play with bath tub ball track

Set up a play that is bath tub ball track, this play is enjoyed by your kid at the time of bathing. Thus, he/she will always insist you to go for bath so that he can play.

Children bathroom design ideas and pictures

Children bathroom design ideas and pictures

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3. Motion activated toilets at night

Generally at night, kids are afraid to go to toilets alone because of darkness. At night you can activate toilet night lights, it get activated at the time of night and help your to go to washrooms without any fear.

4. Rope lightning under bathroom cabinets

To make the task of finding bathroom related accessories easier, it is a good option to put appropriate lightning at the bottom of the cabinets. It can be put up along the rope so that cabinet stays lighted from all sides.

5. Polka Dotty Spotty Bath-Tube

This is one of the amazing ways to decorate kids bathroom. You can have design the bath tube of baby in dotted pattern. On tiles, you can have sponge sheets decoration to give a creative look to the space.

Polka Dotty Spotty Bath-Tube

Polka Dotty Spotty Bath-Tube

6. Glitters or Lego bricks in liquid hand soap

To make bathrooms extra special for kids, you can add Lego bricks or Glitters or any shape that your kid like in the liquid hand soap. You would be able to take care of their hygiene in this way and also add a fun element for them.

7. Shower curtains with great printings of any animals or anything

Change your plain shower curtains with great pictures of animals or fruits. You can opt for anything that is loved by your child. While you make your kid have a bath, he/she can enjoy the beauty of his new remodelled bathroom.

8. Step drawers for kids to reach sink

Most of the houses does not install any step drawer for kids, thus makes it uneasy for kids to reach sink. It is best idea to install a step drawer for kids so that they can easily reach up to the sink while brushing or any other purpose.

Kids bathroom decor ideas

Kids bathroom decor ideas

9. Dinosaur toy to hold toilet paper roll

Rather than placing toilet roll anywhere in the bathroom, place it in a great manner in your kid’s bathroom. Use a toy like dinosaur’s head can be used to hold the extra toilet roll and makes your kids’ bath room it more creative.

10. Creative brush holder with Lego bricks

Many new and creative brush holders are there in market that look great and are considered as a beautiful addition to your bathroom. Like, brush holder made up with Lego bricks is great idea.

Baby girl bathroom interior design

Baby girl bathroom interior design

11. Brush holders option in your favourite animal toy

Pick up any animal that your kids’ like the most, buy the brush holder of that same toy to make your child feel more special.

12. Great toys in bath tub

Keep all small sized toys in bath tub so that your kid can play while bathing. Keep it in an organised manner to look more creative.

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What are your thoughts on designing a kid’s bathroom? Share your views in comment section.

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