White living room interior design by homedecorbuzz.

White Living Room Designs

The living room is used to welcome our guests or for some time alone with books or house parties. The living room is like the face of your house, so it has a lot of roles to play. And the way you plan to organise your living room gives an idea about your personality and builds an impression of your aesthetic senses.

White living room interior design by homedecorbuzz.
White living room interior design picture

If you are considering decorating your living room, here are some ideas to help you.

White living room design ideas, tips, photos

1. Flora and Fauna

If a room full of furniture is not really your thing, go for simplicity. Nothing will complement your white wall like beautiful and colourful flowers. Be it golden pothos, spider plant, kalanchoe, Chinese evergreen or dwarf azalea all have their unique beauty which will add to the essence of your pretty white walls. Apart from increasing the beauty quotient these also have some benefits; most of these plants are recognised as having the air-purifying capacity.

2. Decorative lightings

Be it plain string LED lights or decorative fancy home lights, these colourful lights will look amazing before a white background. Enjoy relaxing house parties having the feel of being in a club with this decoration!

3. Contrast furniture

Colour contrasting is very much in trend nowadays. Be it clothing or furniture. With white as the backdrop, arrange for some furniture which has vibrant colour. Curtains, colourful rags, lampshades and many different sorts of accessories are available in the market. The decency of the colour white will be aptly validated by the vivid colours of the furniture which will make your drawing room much livelier.

4. White all over

White is the colour of peace and purity. The colour soothes your eyes and soul. Going all white starting from the walls ending with the accompaniments will make your living room look classy and fashionable. White sofa, matching cushions, flower vase will create an aura will be hard not to notice.

5. Doodle, Scribble, paint

Ditch the conventional, go for something funky and trendy at the same time. Let your inner child roam free. Draw, paint, doodle on your wall. These art forms are very eye-catching and fun. Involve your friends; use the wall as a memoir. Let the Picasso in you come out!

6. Keep it simple

We have all heard less is more. Keep the furniture minimal. Minimalist decorations are a thing now. Do not overcrowd the area disturbing the view of your elegant white walls. Unnecessarily hanged paintings, mismatched wall clock, family photos lots of lights can hamper the balance of the room. Choose what is to be kept in the room wisely.

7. Black and white

The perfect couple! The white-black combo is undoubtedly the best. Go for furniture which is in shades of black to match your white walls, as nothing compliments each other as these two colours.

8. Texture in one wall

Texture paint, colour wash are quite favourite among people who want to break out from the monotony. One texture painted wall among four white walls will brighten up your living room all the more.

All the best!

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