Foundation repair

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Foundation Repairs?

Many people tend to ignore foundation repairs because of the costs associated with them. But little did they know, ignoring such repairs may cause major and even more expensive problems.

Foundation repair

Nevertheless, if you are a homeowner and you really care about your property, here are the reasons why you shouldn’t ignore a foundation repair.

1. Reduced Property Value

Did you know that a damaged foundation can affect the value of your house negatively? It’s because a foundation problem can be expensive to fix. So, it can be difficult to sell a home that has a damaged foundation.

Typically, before closing the deal, most buyers want to get a third-party home inspection. This time, structural problems can get perceived. In case the buyer is still interested in your property even after a foundation problem is detected, they will ask for an evaluation. The report will show the extent of the problems. After which, the buyer will make a final decision whether to get the property or not.

2. The Damage May Become Worse

While it may be tempting to disregard foundation problems for a certain period in order to save, the fact is that the problem or damage will get worse the longer you wait. The moment your foundation is damaged, the damage will become bigger and costlier the longer it goes unfixed.

While it’s not fun to invest money in home repairs, having the foundation of your home repaired the right way will save you a considerable amount in the long run by preventing a more expensive repairs, especially if you catch the issue ahead of time.

3. It Will Lead to Plumbing Problems

Disregarding foundation problems may also result in different plumbing problems. Water pipes, for instance, are prone to breaking. This usually occurs if the concrete foundation slab becomes dislocated and dropped by the expansion or contraction of the subsoil.

Since accessing under slab pipes is not easy fixing them is quite costly. What’s more, a professional evaluation is necessary for the issues to be diagnosed correctly. On the other hand, water pipes above the ground may also damage. When your home’s foundation moves, the water pipes will run through the walls. In fact, beneath flooring can also be affected. It’s because structural shift throughout the home can be caused by movement down below.

4. Expensive Utility Bills

Ignoring foundation repairs may also affect your utility bill. When discussions about energy efficiency take place, many people automatically think about the things inside the home. For instance, the dryer and washer that only utilize a less energy. Or the heating unit that has been hanging around for years.

Replacing such appliances may help you save on cooling and heating cost. But the truth is, your home’s structure also plays a major role in energy consumption. Meaning to say, a damaged foundation may eventually inch up the heating and cooling bills because of the air leakage.


As you can see ignoring foundation repairs may do more harm than good to you. So, the moment you notice that there is something wrong with your home foundation, don’t think twice and seek help from a professional.

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