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Haunting Halloween Home Decor Ideas

Halloween is a time to go overboard and trying to create a spooky home to scare the pants off your guests. With a few well-placed scary decorations you can transform your house into the perfect Halloween haunted house.

Well placed innovative props add to the ambience of spookiness. A variety of ghoulish designs are available in the market today. Add some to your collection of props every year to create new themes every year.

Haunting halloween home decor ideas

Haunting halloween home decor ideas

Creating the feel of Halloween

The first thing you can do to create the haunted atmosphere is to board up the windows, so that a gloomy deserted air is created. It is an immediate mood creator and often overlooked as a solution.

If you are not overly enthusiastic about boarded up windows, you can put cardboard cut outs of spooky figures on the glass panes. When the room is lighted from within the effect is quite compelling.

Halloween haunting window

Halloween haunting window

Ghost figures as Halloween decor

Cheesecloth and chicken wire can be the base of ghostly figures in your lawn or even in your foyer. Stuffed with plastic bags these ghostly shapes can be enhanced with cut outs for eyes, which can be rigged with red lights.

Chicken wire can be used to create spooky figures which look quite friendly in the daytime but downright scary in the night time when backlit. These can be easily set up or are available online also.

The Grim Reaper is another ghoulish figure which is easy to create in your house. A plywood scare crow frame covered with white burlap in a hooded shape can be set up to resemble the Grim Reaper. This faceless ghoul can end a shiver down your spine.

Ghost figures to decorate home for halloween day

Ghost figures to decorate home for halloween day

Human figures used for Halloween decor

There are lots of gory ways to scare your guests on Halloween. You can stuff some straw and cotton into clothes and shoes. These can be arranged artfully as a sprawling headless corpse near a door , as if the head has been cut off by the door. Lots of ketchup or red paint can be used to complete the picture. This cameo is sure to garner a few screams of horror from your guests.

Scary costume for halloween decor

Scary costume for halloween decor at the outside balcony

3D decals with extended witch hands are available in the market. These can be attached to doors or walls in such a way that it looks like the hand is thrusting through the door. Severed hand and leg figurines in life size models are also readily available. These can be attached to spooky black wreaths to create a gory and ghoulish atmosphere.

Inexpensive props for Halloween

You can effectively hang shredded cheesecloth curtains in your doorways to create a gentle spooky touch. Black and orange lights and balloons are an instant Halloween touch. Pumpkin jack o lanterns  scattered in the rooms and porch add a traditional Halloween look.

haunting curtains for hallowen day home decor ideas

haunting curtains for hallowen day home decor ideas


Plastic skulls and skeletons can be placed in unusual spaces like the landing or the bathroom door to surprise your guests. Lipstick messages staged to look like blood on mirrors and even on unexpected places like the toilet seats can have a goose bump raising effect on your family and friends.

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