Front door decor for halloween day

Ways to Decorate Every Room for This Halloween

Your whole house is ready to be decorated on Halloween, as the festivities are not limited to your front yard. The fun décor should extend to your entire house t give a pervasive festive spooky feel. The yard can be done up with spooky and ghoulish cut outs and hangings along with lots of light strings.

The porch

Don’t limit yourself to jack-o-lanterns when it comes to your porch. Large spooky ghosts made out of plastic bags and white fabric can be hung strategically. You can zip tie lights and spiders across the deck banister to give a eerie feel. Use a lot of black, white and silver to enhance the spooky feeling.

The porch decor for home on Halloween.

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The front door decor

Lay a large wreath in black and white on the front door. You can add a different touch by adding a pair of dangling witch’s legs from the wreath to exaggerate the effect. A large spider can be added to up the eerie content.

Front door decor for halloween day

Starting with Foyer decor

Make a splash by replacing your regular chandelier with pumpkin jack o lanterns. Strings of lights and ghoul hangings will set the spooky mood. If you are not in the mood to replace the light fixtures temporarily add ghost cut outs of cheesecloth to give the spooky feel.

Foyer decor for halloween

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The living room

The living room is the easiest to make an impression in. Add large wall hangings of spiders, ghouls and spooks. Pumpkin lanterns placed in the corners and mantel piece make quite an impact. Put small miniature jack o lanterns on the coffee table and surprise your guests with spiders on the side tables. A string of ants across the sofa arm can startle the guests too. Use a lot of black and create shadows with the lighting to add to the atmosphere.

Living room decor for halloween

You can use vinyl cut outs of witches, ghouls and gory monsters lighted strategically as lean to stands. The overall effect should be dramatic but also with a touch of humor in the overall spookiness.

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The spooky dining room

The dining room is an area which needs a subtle touch. If you go overboard it might prove to a deterrent to you guests’ appetite.  The most obvious decor is miniature jack o lanterns on the sideboard and as a centrepiece. You can add a funny touch by spreading out a spider embroidered table cloth. Black candle sticks with black candles add a macabre twist. A line of black ants can be stuck to the kitchen hutch to create a surprise element.

You can add Halloween inspired black and orange plates and mugs in your glass fronted cabinets to add an extra Halloween feel. Large silvery cobwebs are a good addition to your decor.

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Window dressing

You often neglect the windows in the overall decor. You can add decals and cut outs on your windows. Decals depicting spooky pictures and cracked glass are a rage today. They are a great way to add decorations and wall space to your home.

Happy trick or treating!

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