13 Wall clock Ideas for your Home.

13 Wall clock Ideas for your Home

In the fast pacing world, everyone is in the rush at all hours round the clock. The modern world today has kids and adults who like to show off the beauty of their house either to a family member or friend. To add-on something unique to your house, wall clock is a best option.

Nowadays, number of smart watches is being released in the market whereas wall clock has not got the same attention similar to them. A wall clock seems like a cool little device which is hung on the wall to show time. Now, they are back in form again.

They not only show you the time but act as a wonderful accessory for home decoration. Wall clock can play many roles like; it can fill up the empty wall and give nice view to the crowded wall. You must choose one or two wall clock ideas to spice your home. It will definitely make your home looks classy and totally different in terms of designs. Here are some of the amazing ideas related to wall clocks for your home.

13 Wall clock Ideas for your Home.

1. Fry pan wall clock

To decorate kitchen wall with a wall clock, frying pan wall clock would be the perfect decoration. Make sure not to fry items or make eggs into this fry pan.

2. Whatever, I might got late sometimes

To follow the rule of punctuality is not everybody’s goal in life. Buy the wall design which does not support the rule of being punctual. Go for a clock where even numbers refuse to be in their position.

3. 5 to 9 wall clock

5 to 9 depicts the importance of 4 hours in a day after returning from work. This half baked clock is like your after time keeper which always reminds you put something to yourself in these hours.

4. Traditional look wall clock

To get rid of old boring round and rectangular shaped wall clock, try to make some handmade creative wall clock with a little retro touch into it. You can also plays with different colours, designs and shape and move according to your need.

5. Caffe Espresso Clock

It’s an awesome design to have an appearance of spilled up Espresso on the wall clock. Gold coffee beans on numbers 3, 6, 9 and 12. It looks like somebody spilled up the coffee on the wall clock and beans present in the coffee take the place of numbers in the clock so that, you can tell the time.

6. Homer Simpson Clock

The Homer wall clock is loved by the Simpson fans. You can go for it if you are Simpson’s fan.

7. Recycled Techniques wall clock

Wall clock made up of all recycled materials like turntables and albums. You can even go for different recycled material. This might be an awesome clock and best thing to hang on wall.

8. Freakish Clock

Always choosing an old and boring style of wall clock with round or oval shape is not good option. You can make the face of the clock with spinning disk with a hole at the centre showing the hour of the day.

9. Tie clock

This clock is specially designed for the business people where clock gives a formal look to your room.

10. Gemstone style wall clock

This type of clock can be placed in any of your room. When the clock is open is appears like the sun or a star. Brilliant-cut gem can be placed in the number of the clocks.

11. Choose your time and number

Select the time which you like the most. It can be 2 which signify that lunch is over or 9 which signify that Am I late? Pick up the number of your choice and place it in the background.

12. Book clock

Especially for the novel lovers this book clock is good option. This clock is perfect decoration for any bookshelf or your study room where the base of the clock can be made of some book cover.

13. Clock from recycled magazines

To innovate your way to read time, you can go for the clock made of the recycled magazines.

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