Skirting Board

5 Tips For Choosing Skirting Board Designs

Skirting boards silently protect the walls in your home from knocks, bumps, and damage. Skirting boards are also wonderful home décor elements. However, these subtle decorative elements are often overlooked and do not receive the recognition that they deserve.

Skirting Board
Photo: Skirting Board

When you think of home décor, skirting boards might not come to your mind immediately. But add a lovely skirting board to one room in your house and see how the entire look gets uplifted in no time! And the best thing about these is that they are suitable for all kinds of interiors, starting from commercial buildings and vintage buildings to compact apartments.

If you are planning to have such boards for interior decoration, here are some tips to help you in taking right decision for Skirting World Ltd.

  • Keep functionality in mind – Keep in mind the functionality of each room, while choosing a skirting board. Each room serves a different purpose in your house, so make sure to choose skirting boards accordingly – they can be different in different rooms. For instance, the skirting board for your kid’s room should be simple and easy to maintain. And for the living room, you can choose a more ornate skirting board that is rich in textures, to add a touch of dressiness and ambiance to areas that will see maximum traffic.
  • Keep the material in mind – Skirting boards are primarily made out of three different materials – wood, plastic, and MDF. However, you need to keep in mind the durability and endurance factors while choosing the material. While plastic ones are more affordable, they might not be very durable in the long run. Again, wooden ones can be pretty expensive, but subject to weather elements, warping, and improper fitting on uneven surfaces. Primed MDF skirting boards are not just economical and reliable, but also a hugely popular choice. These look excellent and are also moisture-proof.
  • What color do you prefer – You can choose skirting boards of different shades and play with color tones in your rooms. You might like to add a pop of color to your kid’s room or bring in a tone of warmth and harmony with wooden toned skirting boards.
  • Keep in mind your interior design – It is imperative to choose a skirting board that is in balance with your interior design style. Shapes, colors, sizes, layers, textures, patterns – take note of every little décor aspect of the interiors and choose skirting boards to create a look that you enjoy or want. It can be classical, calming, chic, modern, or even vintage – the choice is yours.
  • Is the room small or spacious – Consider the size and proportion of the room while choosing a skirting board. For rooms with high ceilings, choose tall skirting boards. As a rule of thumb, the skirting board should be 1/18th the height of your room. You can choose the height of a skirting board to subtly alter the perceived proportions of any room.

With these basic tips in mind, choosing the most suitable skirting boards for the interiors will get easier for you.

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