Refilling Paint Rollers

7 Gadgets to Make DIY More Fun

Some of us enjoy DIY, but a lot of us don’t. It can be tiring sawing away for hours or banging endless nails into a wall. But what if you decked out your shed with a few gadgets to make DIY more fun for everyone involved. The whole family will want to get in on the action, and things will get done faster, too.

1. Refilling Paint Rollers

Painting a whole room can seem like an easy task, but it can be very easy to get it all over the floor when dipping the roller in the paint. Well, a paint roller that refills itself now exists!

Refilling Paint Rollers
Refilling Paint Rollers

No more mopping for hours trying to get those blotches off the floor. You’ll be able to get the job done quickly, and even the kids will be able to have a go without getting messy.

2. A Table Saw

One of the most monotonous tasks in DIY is sawing wood. And you can’t even begin to cut through aluminum or other more robust materials. Treating yourself to a table saw means that you would be able to cut through anything precisely and quickly with ease. Do a bit of research online to find the best table saw for your needs.

And, if you need to cut tile for your bathroom or kitchen, consider buying the best 10 inch wet tile saws.

3. Nail Guns

This is one of the biggest time savers and makes putting things together fun. Instead of banging in nails for hours on end you literally just shoot them in. You might even enjoy it when you see how quickly things are coming together.

4. Leveling Line Laser

We all know what a spirit level is. The kids probably enjoy playing with the little bubble inside. But sometimes it can take a long time to get something just right. So why not add a laser to your collection that will really speed up leveling times. You’ll also enjoy more accuracy, and it’s quite fun playing with lasers, right?

5. Laser Tape Measure

If one laser wasn’t enough, we’ve got another. Tape measures work well and have been around for a long time. But for a really accurate measure, a laser will do a much better job. And you don’t need to worry about it not being straight or pinging back at you.

Laser Tape Measure
Laser Tape Measure

6. A Mini Blade Saw

These are literally mini chainsaws. They look cool and are great for quickly sawing through a bit of wood. The fact they are so small means you can carry them around easily and they are easier to maneuver too.

7. A Good Kettle

Don’t forget to make sure you have a quality kettle in the kitchen. After all, when you’ve been working away all day, a good cup of tea or coffee is just what you need. There are some fancy models around nowadays too, so it could be another fun gadget to add to your DIY collection.

DIY Can Be Fun

So whether you add them all or just a couple, these gadgets are sure to guarantee that the next time a room needs to be painted or you need to put up a new wardrobe, you’ll have fun while you’re doing it. Now you just need to go and kit out your garage or shed!

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