Beach style kitchen decor tips by home decor buzz

7 Home Design Tricks That Will Help You Make the Most of Your Available Space

Living in a small home or apartment can feel oppressive, but with the right interior designer, even a tiny home can be made to feel more spacious. Read on to find seven home design tricks that allow homeowners to make the most of their space, no matter how little of it is available.

Beach style kitchen decor tips by home decor buzz

Consult a Professional

The best thing homeowners can do to improve their interior design is to hire a Singapore-based interior design company. Professional interior designers have plenty of experience working with a wide variety of clients and spaces. Working with a pro will save homeowners tons of time and, more often than not, at least a little money since they won’t wind up purchasing home goods that aren’t a good fit for a small apartment.

Get Rid of Clutter

Any home will feel cramped if it’s filled with clutter, but small homes and apartments are more prone to this problem. The house doesn’t need to be stripped down to only the bare essentials, but any furniture or design elements it does have should be carefully chosen to serve a purpose or create a look. If pieces don’t meet these criteria, they can be stored in a storage unit or given away to someone with more space.

Add Built-In Storage

Few homeowners want to get rid of all their clutter and even fewer want to rent off-site storage units, but closets and cabinets fill up fast. Consider incorporating some built-in storage beneath stairs, under couches or beds, or elsewhere to keep clutter out of sight without having to get rid of precious family heirlooms. Some furniture comes with built-in storage, while other designs lend themselves to other practical storage options.

Use Neutral Wall Colors

White and other lighter shades reflect more light, which makes spaces look larger. Light, neutral colors for walls also give homeowners more leeway when it comes to choosing furniture, appliances, art, and decor. It’s usually best to stick with light, neutral-colored curtains or drapes as well.

Invest in Small Furniture

It can be hard to find high-quality furniture designed for apartments and small homes and these pieces often cost more than their standard-sized alternatives. They’re worth the money. Small furniture leaves more space for walkways and avoids creating needless clutter in a small space.

Use Multi-Purpose Furniture

If a coffee table can also be converted into a footrest, that decreases the number of furniture items homeowners need from two to one. Multi-purpose furnishings can help to reduce clutter and free up space for other design elements, so don’t be afraid to experiment. Some homeowners use bureaus instead of bedside tables, for example, while other small apartments combine dining tables with workstations.

Mirror Placement

Mirrors have long been used to create a more spacious feel in rooms of all sizes. Situate them wisely to reflect light or place them near windows to bring a touch of the outdoors inside. Either way, they’ll make the room look larger than it is.

The Bottom Line

Clutter, large furniture, and unnecessary household items can all make an already small home feel even smaller. Mirrors, light colors, and small multi-purpose furnishings are all the friends of apartment dwellers. When in doubt, the best thing to do is always to call a professional designer who has worked with other city dwellers to create more pleasant living spaces.

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