Melted Crayon Canvases for home decor.

Art and craft ideas to decorate home (step by step)

Many of us often wish to add new decorations and colourful accessories to our home. Rather than wasting time in thinking, one should gear up and indulge in the activity that makes your home fabulous just by adding few art and craft ideas.

Art and craft decorating ideas are fun and great way to bring your family members together.

1. Paper Rosette Backdrop

The beautiful rosette papers are easy to make and a smart way to add colour to your room. Select the colour combination according to the occasion. For instance, select red colour for Christmas theme decoration.

Paper Rosette Backdrop used to decorate home.
Image via Design Dazzle

Take the paper of at least 10cm long, fold the paper at each distance of 1cm. Fold the paper first up and then down to make zig-zag pattern. Fix or paste the pattern from centre and join the edge lining of paper with glue to make circular pattern. Thus, your first paper rosette is ready, make them with any coloured paper you wish to opt for your home and paste them in any manner.

2. Melted Crayon Canvases

To make this, you need a bunch of colourful crayons, a blow dryer and some glue. You can go for monochromatic style or rainbow version also. Pick the combination of colours in a way you like the most.

Melted Crayon Canvases for home decor.
Disney design from Melted Crayon Canvases

Divide the crayon colours of same shades, like make a bunch of all shades of colour blue. Like this you can easily make bunches of different colour, where each bunch includes all possible shades of that particular colour. Pick the white coloured cardboard and paste them in a heart shape or any other shape you want to select. Spread the paint of particular colour next to their bunch with the help of blow dryer.

3. Bubbles with tissue paper

The cost of making the bubbles from tissue paper is very cheap. It is not mandatory to cut the tissue paper in bubble shape; you can also choose rectangular or any other random shape. It is very easily to make but needs patience to have fun with colours.

Bubbles with tissue paper for decorating home walls.
Bubbles with tissue paper

Pick at least three different coloured tissue paper. It is good idea to select at least two bright colours and one dark coloured tissue paper. Cut them in any shape you wish to, make sure to cut all three in one shape or you can also play with geometrical figures. Variation should be made in size to enhance its uniqueness. Paste the in any order you want on white coloured cardboard and fix it up on the wall.

4. Shoe box wall art

It is damn hard to believe that shoe boxes can also be used as an important material to decorate the wall. Amazing little cube boxes can easily be prepared using decorative paper. It barely takes any time to install wall art decoration on shoe box. Also, you can use combination of 6 or 9 such boxes to make a giant rectangle or square that looks stunning art collection in your living room or master room.

Shoe box wall-art for home decoration.
Shoe box wall-art

Collect all shoe boxes that are available at your home and assemble them in a single room. Select decorative papers, it can be floral prints, newspaper prints, alphabetical prints or simple plain or striped papers. Cover shoe boxes with the help of glue using decorative paper. Fix them in any order you want to place. Make sure to select the colour according to the colour of wall. Rather than placing in single queue, make a giant box and thus grab praise from everybody.

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