Lovely wall prints for bedroom designs 2016.

6 Bedroom Design Trends for 2016

The question on bedroom designs after we close the doors of 2015 is – “WHAT NEXT”? Which of the bedroom design will come up this year with fantastic view? Our home designs are being centred by simplicity and serenity in this modern world of 21st century. Now, you will look upon some of the famous bedroom design trends of 2016.

All these designs are filled up with colours of natural texture, elegant shapes of bedroom furniture, modern look to the bedroom by adding a pinch of stunning designs, etc.

Bedroom Design Trends for 2016.

2016 Bedroom Design Trends

1. Modern metallic with glamorous touch

The famous design trend of bedroom of 2016 is going to be metallic. It gives glamorous touch to the special space of your room. Adding a sleek touch of silver or gold rose or copper, any of such options can make this design fabulous. One of the different things in this design trend of 2016 in comparison with last year is that, it has the flexibility to mix and match with the room.

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2. Sustainable designs with eco-friendly interiors

Cultural trends are the key factor to influence this design. This sustainable design gives a big push to the eco-friendly interiors. This is very important to impose focus on design elements. This design not only looks great but also minimizes its effect on the earth. Eco-friendly things include addition of wood or stone in your bedroom to achieve this goal.

3. Wall prints of different styles

Bedroom design trends of 2016 include the wall paper of the various prints. These prints can be of nature, modern tiles, floral or animal print and many more. Rather than applying the prints on each and every wall, it’s better to print this on maximum two walls of the room. This will leave a positive impression of your room on any person who enters. Most popular prints this year are the ones which follows the colour scheme of nature.

Lovely wall prints for bedroom designs 2016.

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4. Geometric visual impact in your bedroom

To create a great visual impact for your bedroom, the easiest way to do so is by adding few geometric shapes. 70s inspired trend of the interior design are going to be welcomed this year. This shapely designed has been on their turning heads this year. You can add some of the furniture pieces of geometrical figures. To continue with the traditional look of your bedroom, you can choose geometric patterns tiles or textiles and apply that into your room.

5. Blue family in your bedroom

Every year is depicted by its own coloor, like this year 2016 royal blue colour is famous. Blue colours can be navy blue, royal blue and sky blue colour is very “IN” in this year. There is lots of material present in the markets that makes the design of your bedroom totally different with blue colour. You can choose blue coloured furniture, bed, almirahs and many more. However, you do not have to go all in blue but with combination of some other blue family into it.

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6. Pink rose with blue serenity

This year trend of single colour is “IN”. But not only going for just one colour and adding one more colour into it is also a new edition this year of 2016. The pastel pink rose colour with blue seems like a cherry over the chocolate cake. Pairing these two colours is unique in itself.

All these different bedroom design trends in 2016 will definitely create a unique impact in your room. In addition to it, every design has unique element and you can pick the one according to your mood and taste.

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