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Eco-Home: How to Make Your Home Green

Did you know that 64% of Americans are attempting to live more sustainably? Chances are, you are one of those people and that has led you to this blog. Luckily, there are a lot of easy ways to get started right in your home.

Outdoor black living room space photo by homedecorbuzz

Read on to learn about how to turn your house into an eco-home.

Go Solar!

When searching for “top solar companies near me,” you will find a lot of options. That’s because going solar is one of the best ways to have an eco-home.

Installing solar panels have more benefits including helping the environment. Customers can also enjoy tax incentives and lower energy costs. There’s a reason many people are raging about having solar panels.

Skip the Dryer

An easy way to be more eco-friendly is by skipping the dryer when possible. Because these machines use so much energy, your energy costs will be higher and increase carbon dioxide emission.

Living in sunny and warm areas puts you at an advantage. You can dry your clothes outside on a clothing line.

Not only does this start your eco-home adventure, but it can also benefit your clothes. They will last longer being dried in the fresh air than they would in the dryer.

Use a Programmable Thermostat

Eco-friendly homes will have programmable thermostats that help you monitor your heating and cooling systems. This technology can reduce your utility bill as well.

Think About Your Kitchen Use

Eco-homes may not be filled with eco-friendly technology, but how you use them can change that. For example, homes with ovens will find that they use more energy to ensure it heats up right. If you can skip oven use, do that.

For example, if you want to toast some bread in the oven, think twice about it. Heating bread up with a toaster uses less energy and takes less time.

When you do need to use the oven, be cautious of the oven door. To reduce heat loss, ensure that the door is closed all the way.

Another way to be smarter in the kitchen to help with green living is by getting a drip coffee maker instead of a pod coffee maker. Pod use may seem convenient, but they are not an eco-friendly living option. The use of ground coffee over pods will help reduce the amount of waste going towards landfills.

Get a Water Filter

Getting a water filter instead of buying water bottles is the perfect green living option. Filters are affordable and come in different designs.

They can be added to a sink, faucet, and even the entire house. They also come in convenient pitchers you can place in the refrigerator. These filters will save you money, time, and reduce the amount of plastic used in your home.

Turn Your Home Into an Eco-Home

There are many affordable and even free options that can turn your house into an eco-home. Implementing these tips into your everyday life can have a huge impact on the environment and the amount of energy you pay for. What are you waiting for? Become eco-friendly today!

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