Advantages and disadvantages of fitted bedroom.

Fitted Bedrooms: Advantages & disadvantages

At an instance when you are trying to build a new house for yourself, you might wonder of including fitted bedrooms in your house. There are many advantages in doing so but on the other side, it has disadvantages as well.

Let us look upon some of merits of the fitted bedroom.

Advantages of fitted bedroom

1. Choose the wardrobe in fitted room according to your need

Choose the design of the wardrobe which is according to your need, and details of everything you would use. You can also edit some of the features related to this according to your wish.

You can also opt for freestanding wardrobe but make sure it does not take up much space, and you are left with enough space to clean up the floor. But this kind of problem can be resorted if you choose for fitted wardrobe.

Advantages and disadvantages of fitted bedroom.

Also, you can add on some features like shoe rack with exact number of pairs you want to look for. Moreover, you can add additional cupboards, drawers, compartments, racks, shelves, unique space, customized wardrobe doors, hangers, full size mirror on wardrobe door; vanity table etc. all can be done according to your choice.

2. Efficient and intelligent use of space

Be it a vanity table, wardrobe, bed or anything else which is going to be placed in your bedroom; if some of the things will go freestanding then proper usage of space cannot be enjoyed. May be the wardrobe is too large or furniture of bedroom or bed. It’s better to choose fitted bedroom in this case. Rather than getting frustrated with the wasted place of your room you can choose fitted bedroom option. As this time, everything will be fixed in the bedroom and proper and efficient use space can be done. All your worries related to this will get vanishes with no wasted space.

3. Right material and all finishes in one go

Selecting different things for your bedroom is bit difficult, as you have to roam around to every new shop to buy particular things for your bedroom. Also, you may spend say a week for stripping and sanding the old wardrobe according to the ambience of the house.
The good option to avoid this problem is choosing the fitted bedroom. This might be time consuming and the wood does not match the surface or the wall in the bedroom. This fitted bedroom option, choose the best material according to your own need and color of the wall. This would be the perfect choice for your bedroom.

Disadvantages of the fitted bedroom

1. Added cost for fitting stuffs in bedroom

Built in wardrobe will be fitted in the room, but you have to sit down with the installer or the carpenter to accomplish this task. You also have to determine the place for the storage of fit the things in your bedroom. Also at this point, cost of all the things in the readymade things of the fitted bedroom is really high. Moreover, you have to make sure that whether this cost will include the amount of this too or not and this cost is whether effective in long run or not.

2. Clothes along with accessories in single wardrobe and vanity table

You can customize your wardrobe and vanity table according to your need, but this is not possible in all cases. You have to be sure enough to find the adequate space for your clothes and accessories. But you do not want to build a new stuff in place of some valuable space in the bedroom for unnecessary storage space of fitted bedroom.

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