Decorative tiles floor of modern bathroom

Home Bathrooms: How to Plan Your Shower Space

It doesn’t matter how ample your shower space is, you can transform any shower room into a dreamy and relaxing place for your pleasure. You need to go about planning with the right approach and attention to detail.

With the perfect designs and elegant fixtures, you can enjoy a relaxing and comfortable space. If you’re thinking about changing your bathroom into a perfect and cozy place for relaxing but don’t know how to go about it, there is no need to worry.

Decorative tiles floor of modern bathroom

As you read on, you’re going to learn effective ways and strategies to plan your shower space.

1. Free Up More Space

As you plan to create a shower room for yourself, that on its own has made it possible for there to be a lot more space in your wash area. Make sure to remove the bath and swap it with a walk-in shower. A walk-in shower will change the look and feel to the area and make it look more spacious.

Different types and sizes of a walk-in shower can suit any bathroom. This makes it a better option for adding beauty and style to your bath area. A walk-in shower allows your bathroom to look and feel of a washroom without the related expenses and effort.

2. Opt for a Statement Shower

A statement shower will bring style and elegance to any bathroom. Make sure to fit in a rainfall showerhead and a concealed valve for a more modern look. There are also some popular options in the market right now for showerheads like the oversized-recessed heads, formulated to be structured in the ceilings, creating a contemporary look.

You can also make your wash space look trendier with a digital shower. With elegant features like full temperature control, pre-set modes, and one button on and off switch, the digital shower makes it very easy to create your desired wash space.

Also, some of them come with a control that gives you notifications whenever the water is at the perfect temperature, which on its own, makes it a unique fixture to have in your bath area.

3. Go for Elegance with Marble and a Cool Flooring Pattern

The natural structure of marble provides your bath area with a stunning and elegant look. Make sure you go for a large-scale marble tile so as you get the best effect, and opt for a mix of color to create a stylish patch design for your bathroom.

You have to ensure that you do not use the same tile as the floor with the wall in your wash area. Using the same tile makes the space seem unified and whole, which wouldn’t bring out the beauty of the added elements in your wash space. Sometimes a little mix-match makes for a luxurious look.

With the right patterns to your flooring, you create a unique character to your space. The right flooring adds lots of nature to your room and enhances your bath area’s beauty. The suitable marble will complement the flooring, creating a luxury feel to it.

The right flooring will produce a mirror-like feel that reflects light to the area, making it feel more significant than it already is. So, make sure to choose the flooring that complements the marble walls.

4. Stick to Wall-Hung Fixtures

When selecting your toilet and sinks, makes sure you go for wall-hung to make the area look more spacious and freer. Wall-mounted sinks and toilets are essential for creating an elegant and trendy feel to your bathroom.

With wall-hung, cleaning is a bit easier. They also come in many varieties of shapes and sizes, making it suitable for any bathroom. Wall-hung fixtures make the area look neater and tidier. Take note that the wall needs to be hard enough to handle the wall-hung toilet and basins’ weight to avoid future damages and costly repairs.

5. Get Creative with Storage

Storage is essential in any bath place. Think of the best places to tuck away your toiletries and other vital items to make the layout clutter-free. There are a couple of fixtures that can allow you to create free space for your room and provide elegance and style.

The vanity units allow for elegance and compact storage place for your bathroom. The vanity units combine the sink and storage into a stylish and creative space-saving fixture. For a better feel to the room, opt for a wall-hung vanity unit to keep the area neat and spacious.

You can also consider selecting a mirrored cabinet for your wash area. Make sure to choose one with LED lights and a heated pad that can stop the mirror from steaming up. You can also take a step further by adding a recessed shelve that you can then structure into a false wall, where you can place a lot of decorative items that can add beauty to the shower space.

6. Envision the Perfect Color Scheme

The color you choose to use in your shower room is essential, so make sure you take the necessary time in planning the look and feel of it. Opting for neutral colors is an excellent idea if you want the area to feel calm and look pleasant.

Also, if you have a small bathroom, you can go for dark shades. They work great in small spaces because they create a luxurious and inviting feel to the home. You can also use textures and patterns to add style and beauty to it.

Mosaics and pattern tiles are currently in fashion because they add creativity and depth to any bath area. You can check here for finding expert bathroom renovation ideas and help.

You have to understand that a shower space can be elegant and stylish depending on how you plan for it and the right elements you choose to use.

Final Note

I hope the above tips and suggestions inspire you and provide you with great ideas to plan your shower space. Good luck with your planning, and I hope you make the best out of your shower space.

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