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How to Choose an AC Repair Company

If you are a resident of the great state of New Mexico, there are a few things you know for sure.

Our great state is located in the high desert, which means that it is hot and dry. In order to stay safe and healthy, you’ll have to drink lots of water.

AC repair

You also know that in the summer, temperatures can routinely rise to well over a hundred degrees. In fact, last summer it was over one hundred degrees for three weeks straight. If you live here, you’re well aware of the effects that this can have on the human body.

Extreme temperatures make it more likely for a person to have a heat stroke. It can also be extremely taxing on the heart muscle to have to operate under such conditions. While this situation can be dangerous to anyone, it can be particularly deadly to our most vulnerable residents. Both senior citizens and children are more likely to suffer from the heat than other groups of people.

Click the link: for more information about how to keep seniors safe in hot weather conditions.

It’s clear, then, that having a properly working air conditioner is not only essential to your comfort, but also that it can mean the difference between life and death.

When it comes to your health and safety, you don’t want to take any chances. You’ll want to be sure to find the best possible company to be responsible for the repair of your air conditioner. But how can you do that?

In this article, we’re going to explore all of the steps you can take in order to make sure you’ve found the best company to service your air conditioner.

Before it heats up any more in here, what do you say we get started?

Shop Local

Whenever you see a guide to how to save the environment, you’ll see the recommendation to shop local. In this circumstance, the same advice applies.

That’s because only a local company will be intimately acquainted with your needs. For example, in much of the United States, the hottest part of the day is from ten AM to two PM. In New Mexico, this isn’t the case. The day really begins to heat up around noon and the temperature continues to rise until four in the afternoon or later.

It doesn’t begin to dip until sunset, which in the summer can be as late as eight in the evening. A company that operates in a wide area will be likely to be unaware of your specific needs. They may send a technician out at a part of the day that would be safe in other parts of the country but extremely hot in New Mexico.

Imagine waking up at six in the morning only to discover that your air conditioner is on the fritz. You call a major chain company, where you are greeted by an answering machine. You receive a call back hours later. It’s already starting to heat up by this time.

Then you find out you’ve got an appointment for three that afternoon. When your technician arrives, he’s surprised by the heat.

“I’ll have to wait,” he tells you as you’re both dripping with sweat. “It’s too hot for me to get onto your roof now and take a look.”

You’re stuck inside. Fans don’t work when it’s over one hundred degrees. If anything, they can make the situation more dangerous because they are only blowing hot air over your skin, raising your body temperature.

You’re in for a miserable few hours sitting underneath a wet washcloth waiting for your inexperienced technician to be able to work safely.

A local company will also be aware of any additional risk factors you may be facing. For example, did you know that on average the heat will be twenty-two degrees hotter in Albuquerque than in surrounding rural areas? Check here for more information.

Check Online Reviews

The internet can be an excellent resource for you when you’re looking to hire any sort of skilled professional. Whether it is a hairstylist, a plumber, or even a company to service your air conditioner, you can find many reviews online.

Many of these reviews are from customers just like you. Make sure to take full advantage of this resource. Be on the lookout for the qualities that matter the most to you. Your ideal hire will be for a company that is fast, reliable, honest, and provides good work.

Try to find reviews that are more than a few days old. Many people will update their reviews if something goes wrong. For example, if they rated the company highly the day of their service call because their technician arrived promptly at the time they said they would, they may change their rating if their air conditioner breaks down again within the week.

A good example of this can be found on the website for Bosque Heating, Cooling, & Plumbing where they aggregate their own reviews from Google. This means that the reviews are not posted to the site directly, where they could be altered in order to suit the company’s purposes. Instead, they use a third party service to highlight their real, honest customer reviews. How refreshing!


The last thing to consider when making your decision about an AC repair company is how versatile they are. After all, if you find a great technician you can trust, you’ll want to make sure they’re available for all of your needs.

For example, you may be interested in converting your home from a swamp cooler to centralized air. You’ll want to find a company that can offer both services. It’s a bonus if they offer even more, such as repairing your heating system in the winter.

No matter what you choose, if you follow these steps you can be sure to get the services you need done quickly, efficiently, and at a reasonable price. Stay cool, New Mexico!

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