Color schemes for Feng Shui bedroom.

How to Design a Feng Shui Bedroom

If you are planning to rearrange your home in view of feng shui, don’t forget to catch up on your bed room. A decent feng shui bedroom is a room that creates an environment of positive vital energy. It is a room that welcomes you, baits you in, energizes and brings you peace in the meantime.

How to Design a Feng Shui Bedroom.

A feng shui bed room is fun and pleasurable to be in, it is possible that you arrive for a break or a nap, a sound sleep at night or in fact to make love to your partner! To create a decent feng shui room, you can utilize an assortment of basic, down to earth feng shui devices, some of which are listed below.

Tips to design Feng Shui Bedroom

Bed Placement

The position of your plays an important role for a great well being and an upbeat life. Feng shui rules and standards are certain about where to put the bed, which is on the wall corner to corner opposite the entryway. This permits you to see any individual who enters into the room.

You for perfection might need the bed corner to corner over the entryway – however not specifically over the entryway. Try not to put your bed specifically opposite the entryway. This position is known as the “coffin position”; when a person dies and is taken out from home, he is carried outside with his feet first.

Color Schemes

Feng shui room style is an adjusted stylistic layout that advances the best energy for therapeutic rest, and in addition sexual relations. Best feng shui color combinations for the room are viewed as the “skin colors”. We know the shades of human skin change from pale white to rich chocolate cocoa. Try to decide within the range, however the following scheme of colors can be of help-

  • North: Blue, black and silver
  • South: Red, orange and pink
  • East: Green and brown
  • West: Gold, white, gray and silver
  • Southeast: Blue, red and purple
  • Southwest: Red, pink and white
  • Northeast: Blue, green, aqua and black
  • Northwest: White, gray and black
Color schemes for Feng Shui bedroom.
Color schemes for Feng Shui bedroom

Anti Electronics Room

The great feng shui vitality in your room is generated when things like TV, Computer or exercise equipment are not available in your room. In addition, such items give rise to high EMFs (hazardous for your wellbeing), they additionally bring the vitality of work, stretch, and are fundamental distractions. You may get some bad news for a decent relationship (with yourself or your cherished one).

Art and Decorations

The water component in a room can bring about different kind of misfortunes in your life. Never put an aquarium in your room, similar to the photograph. Try not to place a drinking fountain in your room. Avoid using wall arts and sceneries of water scenes in your bed room. Best feng shui guidance for the room is to pick pictures that you wish to see happening in your life; pictures with happiness, peace, love and excellent vitality.

Feng Shui bedroom art and decoration.
Feng Shui bedroom art and decoration

Don’t use sad and desolate pictures in your room. Best pictures are the ones that are identified with the feelings of affection, cheerful connections, body mending, closeness, and so on.


A good lighting is the first component towards generation of positive energy. Not only it provides food to your soul, but also creates a feeling of warmth and intimacy. Candles are one of the best feng shui lighting examples for a healing environment. Be sure to purchase toxin-free candles, while shopping for feng shui items for your bedroom.

What do you think about these designing ideas for Feng Shui bedroom? Share your views in comment section.

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