Attractive pillows for bedroom.

How to Layer Texture into a Space

Layer texture into a space for a warmer, high-end look can be effectively done. It is usually missing layers of textures when all the components of a complete design are there that is color scheme, furniture, accessories, but still the room feels a little flat. Texture is a sense of touch, basically how things feel or the sensation of the hand over things.

Texture is this one element without which no room is complete and also without textured elements, a space looks like cold and sterile. A room with textured elements is generally loved whereas it can be felt as busy or even dirty, depending upon the taste. There can be many ideas and inspirations to add texture in a room.

1. Rug

Adding a rug really grounds the space. They not only define areas, but also help warm up a wood or tiled floor. Prefer having an ethnic rug, but that is definitely not the only option as anything with a lot of texture will work. Make sure about the placement of textures while designing the room as putting a smooth texture directly next to a rough one will make the rough object have more presence.

Most beautiful rug for home decor.

2. Mirrors

Mirrors may be sleek and glossy, but also are better at adding interest and dimension to the space. Also, tall mirror bounces light from the windows and brings the glimpse of nature inside the house.

Tall mirrors used to decorate home.

3. Wallpaper or a Pop of Color

Select a complex pattern or warm up the walls with a textured wallpaper like grass cloth, or try a focal wall with dimensions as they create more intimate space, rather than leaving them white. Also, a pop of color in a neutral space does wonders.

Pop of color interior design for home.

4. Plants

Plants are a texture themselves; in fact they are the original texture. Placing plants around has been shown to improve the mood and also they purify the air. In an off white space, hanging plants can just add the right amount of texture and color.

Plants as texture for home interior decoration.

5. Bed linens

This includes blankets, fur, pillows, throws etc. Bed linens and blankets can be layered to add cozy texture to a muted palette. Pillows and throws create the warmth as they instantly soften the look of the sofa or chair. Rather than just plain solids, mixing of patterns and prints on pillows creates interest. Also, the fluffy stuff of the fur adds interest to flat furniture.

Attractive pillows for bedroom.

6. Furniture

Even a single wood piece with a nice patina can ground a room. Also, anything with velvet is great for adding texture to space. It can be an antique table with velvet chairs as they soften the stark modernity. Accommodation of extra seating with two small side chairs that lend decorative symmetry to the room and offers spots for guests to sit should be done as it looks attractive.

Attractive furniture for luxury home.

7. Books

Books are always there for more than just looks. An entire wall of books definitely adds a lot of warmth and texture to any room.

Wall of books work as lovely texture layer in home.

8. Architectural Elements

A flat with tall ceilings and gorgeous moldings and also lovely old herringbone floors need not add texture as the home speaks for itself. But, otherwise molding to the walls can be done while remodeling.

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