Blue bedroom interior design ideas by home decor buzz

Interior Design Trends 2021 lies from wall decor & home textile to color

With the beginning of new year, we see lot of changes every year in home decoration and interior designing. This 2021 year, we have got some exciting ideas for home interior designing. Wall decoration, color palette, home textile and many more styles are there for home interior designing in 2021.

Blue bedroom interior design ideas by home decor buzz

As per an interview conducted by Porch, some top experts shared their views on interior trends we are going to see in 2021.

Terracottas, Earthy Neutrals and Green grounding greens are some of the top color choices for homes in 2021. Blue will also be trending this year.

Macrame and painting will be crucial when it comes to wall decoration for house. Texture and Murals are too trendy in this 2021 year.

Lighting, flexible TV unit position, small dining tables set to be in the trends for 2021 home interior design.

You can read full interview here.

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