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Mistakes To Avoid While Designing House Plans

Home is a place where we all find solace. After a hectic day, all we want to say is “Hey you guys carry on… I am heading home”. A home needs to be perfect because after all, ‘Home Sweet Home’ is all we want for ourselves as well for our family. Well, to make a perfect home, a perfect blueprint or making a perfect plan of that particular house is mandatory.

The following mistakes MUST be avoided at all costs while making house plans!

1. Choosing just any floor plan you fancy

You must keep certain things in mind while making the floor plan like what kind of lifestyle do you have? Are you okay with climbing stairs at old age? Do you want to go for a multistory or a single-story home?

Whether or not you are comfortable with open floor plan… This point is a very important one but is overlooked by many homeowners and later they face problems because of faulty floor planning.

2. Not giving enough importance to the entrance lobby

It makes the house look beautiful plus there’s some privacy too. Any random person at your door will not have an in and out view of your living room if you really give your privacy some importance then entrance lobby is quite essential.

3. Going for angular walls

If you don’t know what angular walls can do to you then let us tell you. Angular walls can make you feel like you are trapped in the house… as if you are kept in captivity. So try to avoid angular walls as cleaning and furnishing them is quite a distressing task.

4. Not considering the ventilation seriously

A lovely, fresh and airy house is not only attractive but also has many good effects on the health. Keep the windows wide enough and place them right so that you can enjoy the bright morning sun right from the bed. Placing windows correctly can naturally light up the whole house and that can affect your mood positively.

5. Keeping less storage space

While making the house plan make sure that you are keeping a designated space for storage. Where else will you keep your broom, vacuum cleaner, ironing board, floor mop, and other kitchen and toilet cleaners and other necessary things? Storage space makes a house look beautiful because it is better to keep those ugly looking yet very essential stuff behind closed doors.

6. Going out of proportions

The proportion will decide which kind of furniture will look good and space must be utilized properly to make sure that the house looks beautiful. After all, aesthetics is an utter necessity, folks!

The right orientation of the house can be truly beneficial in many ways since you can save a lot of money and energy. You must be thinking why right?

Because you don’t have to spend those extra bucks for artificial ventilation and lighting. Also, do not eliminate garden space …go green. Greenery is very important to keep your mood elevated all the times.

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