Reasons Why Buying Furniture Online isn't a Good Idea.

17 Reasons Why Buying Furniture Online isn’t a Good Idea

Nowadays, buying furniture online is a very convenient way of shopping. Just like two sides of the coin, purchasing furniture online has got its own pros and cons. There are many disadvantages of buying furniture online. The list may include stuff like you are not of the type of the fabric used to make the furniture; online sellers are not always reliable; delay in delivery process with additional shipping charges and many more.

Reasons Why Buying Furniture Online isn't a Good Idea.

You might always want to go for best deals and discounts on the furniture items online, but most of the time such customer bait deals are not reliable. Here are some of the reasons which state that why buying furniture online is not a good option.

Why buying furniture online isn’t good

1. Time Consuming

While purchasing furniture online you will get access only to the products which are readily available. Apart from readymade furniture, it might take almost three weeks to deliver the product. Thus, if anyone urgently requires any furniture item, he will land up in a problem.

2. Very costly in comparison to actual market price

Undoubtedly, online purchasing gives you an advantage of comparison of cost on the spot but on the other side; sometimes it is not the actual cost of market. Until and unless you go to market and look out for the actual cost of the particular item, you won’t be able to distinguish between real prices.

3. Less freedom of customization of your product

In online shopping you have to pick the furniture which is available on the site. But customizing it according to your need is bit difficult. Hence it is not always a good option if you want customization to be accomplished according to your need.

4. Delivery issues

If you need it urgently then buying online is bad option. Along with this if you want in day or two, you have to pay more to get your product in your house on time. Why pay more for the same stuff if you need it urgently?

5. Buying expensive furniture without touching it

It is bit risky task if you are buying expensive furniture without touching it. Also, you have not even tried out once to look whether it is comfortable or not. So, if you want to feel the features of the product you better choose to go to furniture stores.

6. Don’t have same returning policy

Most of the online buying sites do not have the same returning or repayment policy. You have to go through them all if you are buying online. Thus, if you are directly buying from the market you will buy only that furniture, which you like.

7. Time wastage in returning or repayment policy

All things go in right direction if you are happy with the furniture item. But if you are not, then again you have to spend time on returning the furniture. Afterwards, again choosing the item and buying online is also time consuming task.

8. Biased review

Most of the time customers leave review on the site at the time of purchasing. But the real scene comes only when you received the furniture. So, don’t always trust on the the reviews of the customers as they might be biased as well.

9. Not good quality material

You can not feel the fabric online and thus you cannot judge the material online. Most of the time, the material you choose online is of bad quality. Thus, buying from market stores is better option as you can touch and feel the fabric then you can order your product.

10. Color

The color you select while choosing is not always the same. Most of the time, the picture is clicked in the manner which reveals that this is bright color. Actually it was not. It’s only the play of light.

11. Size issues

Not every seller specifies the size of the furniture items. So rather than worry for the size after seeing the item it’s better to choose it from market seller and choose the one which is appropriate in the size according to your room.

12. Less comfortable

Unless you sit on the couch or dinning chair you cannot judge the comfort level. Online shopping does not avail this comfort. But one can only enjoy and look upon to buy the most comfortable chair by sitting on it. This can be done only when you go for buying furniture directly from the market. As then only you can decide to opt which chair you want according to your own taste and comforts.

13. Trust worthy sites

Most of the sites are not trust worthy. You can judge about the site while sitting at home. It’s better to move out for shopping and buy furniture items from genuine stores.  This will definitely help you to remain free from worry.

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14. No security on online payment options

Nowadays, while making payment online using credit cards, debit cards or net banking is in fashion. Most of the people make payment using these gateway but they are unaware that their passwords can be traced by non-trust worthy sites. To exclude yourself from this situation it’s better to pay by cash.

15. Huge shipping cost

As the furniture items are not coming from the next door, you have to pay the shipping cost for that. Most of the time, shipping cost is very huge and it is an un-necessary cost which you can reduce. It’s better to pay the transportation cost which is far less than this.

16. Huge taxes

Maximum retail price is exclusive of taxes. Additional taxes are imposed on MRP which makes the cost of each item even higher.

17. Assembling options

Buying online does not give you an option to assemble the product. You yourself have to assemble the item on your own. This type of facility one can easily avail by purchasing goods directly from the market. They give this facility free of cost.

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