Fireplaces Types

Simple Facts About Electric and Gas Fireplaces

We have had to give some serious pep talk about the efficiency of gas and electric fireplaces on many occasions. This is especially because of unfounded claims that these innovations are more of stylist equipment than functional ones.

The truth is that many people eventually discover that getting these heat-generating systems is a wise decision.

Fireplaces Types

In this article, we will discuss some things you should know about gas and electric fireplace equipment. However, we may focus more on electric fireplaces.

What Is a Fireplace?

This is a kind of heat-generating system. The heat generated is supposed to give warmth to the space around where the fireplace is situated or installed.

Other than the functional role of providing warmth, many fireplaces are cozy and stylish enough to add to the aesthetic appeal of a place. It is for this reason that some people choose this option to make their space look good.

Way before technological advancement in the production of fireplaces, these heat-generating systems were made of stone, brick, or metal. Whichever was used amongst these three, it was used to contain the fire burning inside them. However, things have changed except for the wooden fireplace.

For instance, it would interest you to know that the supposed flames burning on electric fireplaces are not real. Many manufacturers use infrared pop-ups to generate these effects.

The gas option still makes use of flames. However, the flames are generally cleaner and more regulated than what is obtainable with wooden fireplaces and other traditional options. For more on this, you can check here.

Basic Knowledge about Electric and Gas Fireplaces

Many people do not understand what fireplaces offer and need clarifications. In this segment, we will touch upon some of the things you should understand about these heat-generating systems below:

They are not Just for Decoration

If you have not made use of a fireplace and make judgments based on unfounded statements, you may think they are just for fancy.

Well, the truth is that they are very functional equipment as they provide warmth. So, people who need warmth for times such as winter can look forward to purchasing and enjoying them.

They Are Generally Safe

These gas and electric options are very good at ensuring that your safety is not compromised while getting the warmth that you crave for.

However, we strongly suggest that you do not throw caution to the wind when using this equipment. For instance, placing the television set above this heat-generating system should be discouraged. This is increasingly becoming common but it’s wrong and should be avoided.

The reason is that the heat generated from the fireplace can have adverse effects on the television set. As a matter of fact, it nullifies the warranty of the set.

They Offer a Cheaper Alternative

Using these options for warmth is very economical. This is not about the initial cost of purchase but the maintenance of the system.

Both options do not put a strain on the electricity bill as much as your furnace and other HVAC equipment will do. For this reason, they are ideal for those looking to cut costs in this regard.

They Could Serve as Supplementary Heat Source

If you have an HVAC heating system and feel it could use some more help, then any of these options will do. We like to recommend an electric option in particular.

The reason is that they are more cost-effective as they will not consume as much power as a furnace, heater, and other options.

Your Space Is a Major Factor

You have to consider the amount of space to be heated if you must get any of this heat-generating equipment. The reason is so that you get the most of the equipment as it distributes heat to every nook and cranny of the space. You should also consider the heat-generating ability.

On a Final Note

Fireplaces have become more effective and safe with the invention of the electric and gas option. However, there are several things you should be aware of before getting this equipment.

We have discussed some of them in this article and hope that you consider them when shopping for your electric or gas fireplace.

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