Tool Hire in Scotland for DIY enthusiasts and construction professionals

For many years, hiring tools and renting equipment has been a long-winded and manual process. Think about it. How many times have you had to wait for your local tool hire depot to open before you could hire one piece of equipment that you needed to finish a DIY project?

And then you had to cross your fingers and hope that the local tool hire depot had the equipment you needed in stock. Now, thanks to an innovative and forward-thinking tool hire startup, tool hire in Scotland just got easier. easyToolhire Scotland enables professional tradespeople, construction professionals, and DIY enthusiasts to hire tools at the touch of a button. It desires to make tool hire as easy as booking a hotel or hiring a car online.

More and more tool hire businesses and construction companies are investing in technology. There’s a clear trend. Digitisation and supply chain control is growing, as savvy businesses are recognising the huge benefits that technology has.

Technology can increase efficiency and improve processes. In fact, research by MIT SMR states that companies that embrace technology outperform the competition by as much as 48 per cent (on revenue and valuation), and by 15 per cent on net margin. Furthermore, a KHL whitepaper states that construction technology investment is now increasing with increased productivity, reduced risk/ increased safety, and lower costs being cited as key drivers.

easyToolhire is backed by Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou, the founder of easyJet, and wants to transform the tool hire and equipment rental industry. The startup has ambitious growth plans. It wants to rid the tool hire industry of tiresome paperwork and T&Cs, and it wants to offer customers an end-to-end seamless online hire experience in an accessible format.

Unlike many websites, designed to be used on a desktop, easyToolhire is a mobile-first site. It has been conceived with mobile devices in mind so that busy contractors, tradesmen, and DIY enthusiasts can hire tools at the click of a button, including from their van or construction site. Plus, they have the option to collect them or have them delivered.

Yet, it’s not the only way that tool hire is being transformed. Historically, the hire industry has not been that advanced in terms of technology. But that is changing. More companies are investing in their businesses because they want to improve their customer’s experience.

For example, when non-account/cash customers hire tools, they are required to present a form of ID as well as proof of address. This is mandatory for all hires and is a condition of tool hire insurance. However, many customers are not aware of this condition, often failing to read the details of the hire agreement, causing delays and issues when they arrive at a tool hire depot to collect equipment.

ID verification was a major pain point for the tool hire industry. However, easyToolhire has developed an online ID verification solution. When customers hire tools, they are now kindly prompted at the checkout to verify their ID online.

Using an encrypted, user-centric, and privacy-oriented solution, customers can take a picture of their ID and their proof of address, such as a utility bill, and upload the image/information safely, enabling them to complete their tool hire order online.

Online ID verification demonstrates how tool hire companies are transforming the tool hire and equipment rental industry. The process saves everyone time, making tool hire simpler and the process quicker. This benefits the customer massively.

But there are further examples of how tool hire and equipment rental is being transformed. Customers want value, quality, and convenience. So, the next time you Google a tool hire company near you, or tool hire company in Scotland, think about the kind of tool hire company you wish to use. Do you want hassle-free ordering and the ability to carbon-offset your order at the checkout?

Would you like the option of delivery or collection? Do you want to work with a company that has quality equipment and puts customers first? That’s the benefit of cutting-edge tech and real-time data; it can transform a business, improve the customer experience, and increase satisfaction.

Technology enables a company to stay relevant and not get left behind. Moreover, it allows independent businesses to move forward at a great pace. Enabling customers the option to rent equipment online does not put an end to physical conversations. Businesses do not have to choose. It’s not an either/or. It’s a both/and. Businesses can have an amazing online presence, utilising all the benefits of cloud-based technology, and still interact with their customers, improving the tool hire experience for everyone.

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