Top 5 ideas for Rustic Home decor.

Top 5 ideas for Rustic Home decor

Rustic decor is very “IN” in the market right now. You can give your house a beautiful rustic look by using very simple ideas. These ideas are so easy to do and you can give your house a rustic decor in a day.

Top 5 ideas for Rustic Home decor.

Here are top 5 ideas for rustic home decor.

1. Rustic headboard

If you are in need to buy rustic headboard and you want to give your bedroom a great look, you can create a rustic headboard. Rustic headboard will give you an experience of old barn door. You can use pallet boards and old barn wood to give your headboard a rustic look. This work can be done in a day, but you only have all the materials to be ready along with you.

2. Pallet shelves for rustic look

Old pallets are easy to buy from market as they are easily available and not too expensive. The best part about this pallet is you can make great things out of them. Also, they are prepared easily and quickly and thus very less time consuming. If all material is ready then, you can make one pallet in around three to four hours.

Afterwards paint them in the color you want or you can choose the color according to the wall decor. Thus, this idea is easy to accomplish your task in simpler manner and give your house a rustic look.

3. Wooden photo frame for rustic decor

Collect all old photo frames available at your place to give your house a beautiful rustic decor. These old photo frames can easily be transformed into rustic decor with just a little effort. You just need to buy burlap for the matting and then add photos of your own choice or the picture you want to hang in your room. Also, you can go for cardboard monograms cutouts of any alphabetical letter or symbol.

To create wooden photo frame in unique way, you can also add small ribbons made up of satin. This idea is very easy to do and your creative ideas can help you out to give your room a beautiful look.

4. Creative rustic coffee or tea table

Collect some few slates of woo, it’s not mandatory to collect them all of same shades- you can go for varied variety. All these slates can be put together to make fabulous rustic coffee or tea table. You just have to cut them in same size and stick them all together with the help of wood glue or nails.

After making table top, you can add legs of various steel materials or the wooden itself. This will give a stunning look and very expensive looking table. Though, the table is very cheaper in cost.

5. Wooden picture from existing one

You can convert your existing picture frame into wooden picture frame to give rustic decor. This is very simple to do, as you just have to add small slice or slates of wooden in all edges. If you don’t have any material present at your side, you can simply cut the branches of tree that you can find in your yard or nearby park.

To paste these wooden blocks at the corners of the frame, use hot glue gum to secure them from plastic frame. Now, you are done with rustic picture frame for your picture and it’s ready to hang on wall of your living or bedroom.

These top 5 ideas of rustic décor will definitely give your house a beautiful rustic decor. These ideas will give a dream look of wood to your place.

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