Tips to sell home fast

Top Sustainable Building Technologies to Improve Your Home’s Resale Value

Most home buyers today are conscious about leaving behind a carbon footprint. All new homeowners are looking for sustainable ways of living, not just because it will reduce their domestic expenses in the long run but also contribute directly towards a greener planet.

Tips to sell home fast

With this in mind, many sustainable building technologies are being developed, and you would do well to incorporate some of them in your home to increase its resale value.

1. Zero Net Energy Homes

These homes are known as ZNE homes. Many companies are trying to build homes with minimal energy usage. These homes will only produce as much energy as would be required by the residents of the house.

They mostly consist of high-efficiency heating and ventilation components for reduced dependence on artificial ventilation like AC. There is almost zero power wastage, and the appliances are installed so that the energy consumption is at the lowest.

2. Carbon Footprint Calculator

These calculators help you calculate how much carbon footprint you are leaving behind with your energy consumption each day, and likewise, it inspires you to reduce it. It considers all the points through which you consume energy at your home through an embedded design.

The use of materials while building the house plays a significant role, and they can also be changed later when the home is being built. This tool is used for building information modeling in many cities today. If the buyer sees that your home complies with these standards, then the resale value will go up remarkably.

Many homes are also using non-toxic building materials for making their homes and are doing away with paints that have chemicals in them.

3. Solar Panel Installation

This has become a widespread practice in most homes today. By installing solar panels, you can potentially go off the grid. While the installation might be a little costly, you will get ROI after some years and for years to come when you are ready to sell. You no longer have to worry about rising electricity costs or the finite nature of natural resources like coal, resulting in high electricity costs.

From heating systems to HVACs, you won’t have to worry about using too much electricity anymore. It is an excellent investment if your home is exposed to sunlight for the better part of the day.

4. Water Conservation Systems

Water conservation has become a significant issue in states like California, and it is a pressing concern today. If your home is fitted with appliances that can measure the amount of water used per day, it would be a great plus.

Homes that are fitted with rainwater catchment systems or stormwater management strategies have a very high resale value. Some homeowners are also opting for green roofs and using low-flow showerheads to save water and step towards sustainable living.

With these sustainable building technologies, you will be doing your bit to slow down global warming. It will subsequently increase your home value as new buyers embrace the idea of green living with open arms.

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