No war scene painting on house wall as per vastu shastra.

Vastu Tips for Home

There are several things in a house that can put a lot of effects on your mind, health and relations. Sometimes by removing an object from your house can bring happiness to your life or vice versa. Changing direction of sofa, bed, painting can make wonders for you.

Today we will find out some Vastu tips that you should follow to have a blessing and happy life.

Top Vastu Tips

1. According to Vastu, you must have name plate outside the door. It attracts opportunities for you.

2. Never sleep after putting watch/clock below your sleeping pillow or behind the bed. It may lead you to sleep more and more than usual.

3. If you want to have Almirah or vault in the bedroom, then it must stand by South direction and it should be opened to North direction.

4. Never ever place mirror in front of your bed or any locality from where your bed can easily be seen in mirror. It will produce bad effects on your relations.

5. Don’t have empty pitcher, broken chair on the terrace. If you have these things, then take them out from home immediately.

6. If any of your home wall having paintings of war scene, crying woman, angry person, eagle or owl, then throw such postures from house. These things bring lots of negativity in the house.

No war scene painting on house wall as per vastu shastra.
No war scene painting on house wall as per vastu shastra tips.

7. It will be great for you if you can put salt bowls in different areas of house. It is believed that salt absorbs negative energy quickly.

8. Never keep medicines in the kitchen. Medicines bring negativity in the environment if they are present in the kitchen.

9. Earthen lamps and incense sticks should be burnt at least once in a day; maybe morning or in the evening. The fact is fire is believed to be cosmic cleanser.

10. It is believed that we should have kitchen constructed in the South-East corner of house. And if it is not, then at least we should place gas-stove in the south-east direction.

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