Lovely pink living room interior design ideas by homedecorbuzz

What Goes into the Process of Interior Design?

Interior designing can revamp your property or enhance your new home. With each step in the process of interior design, you get closer to realising your vision. The sale of property in Australia is generally high. Interior designing tends to be a popular choice for many.

Lovely pink living room interior design ideas by homedecorbuzz

Top services such as Advantage Interior Design can help you design the interiors of your dream home. Read on to know what goes into the process of interior design.


The first phase begins with your initial meeting. It involves determining your wants and needs. Next is research, where you identify the preferences of your family or others who share your living space.

Do you have some inspirational images from Pinterest? Or a list of things you would love to incorporate into your dream home? Convey them to your interior designer during this phase. You also analyse the budget and timeline here.

Concept Development

It begins with the ideation stage. You can start brainstorming with your interior designer. Together, you may refine workable ideas and filter out the ones that are not feasible.

A concept statement emerges at the end of this phase. It expresses the principle approach and ideas. A few graphic visualisations and quick sketches also start to spurn out. You can decide your colour schemes, space allocations, and other patterns.


Your interior designer now presents a few design concepts to you according to your preferences. You can review them, make necessary changes, and give your valuable approval.

Make sure to assess the plan thoroughly. Look at the conceptual drawings and floor plans. Mood boards that depict materials, finishes, and colours are also helpful. You will also receive the cost estimates for your project, including design services and labour charges.

Final Design

Once you approve the design plan, your interior designer will prepare the final design. It marks specifications as well. You receive detailed drawings of floor plans and site plans. Ceiling and lighting fixtures and positioning of other architectural elements make the plan more elaborate.

You will also find the specifications of design elements. These include paint and wall coverings. You can make any changes at this phase if you wish.


This phase marks the implementation and execution of your designs. A work schedule and a sequence of installations are ready. Your interior designers begin ordering materials, accessories, and furnishings.

You are now closer than ever to your dream home. The designer makes regular visits and inspects the craft quality. If any issue arises, they will resolve it at the earliest.


This final step is an essential phase of the interior design process. You will now have your designs complete and thoroughly executed. Your interior designer follows up to measure the design solution’s success rates.

The evaluation can include an interview or a questionnaire. If you are not satisfied, a few revisions and adjustments are possible.

If everything goes according to your design plan, you have your dream home waiting for you.

An interior designing process is intricate. It involves several steps that take into account your needs and preferences. Efficient and reliable companies such as Advantage Interior Design can bring your dream designs into reality.

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