Glass Roll Up Door in bathroom

What’s The Average Price For A Glass Roll Up Door

Your glass door is an essential part of your home or business. Therefore, it’s no surprise that choosing the perfect door is not an easy task. The bonus is that replacing your door is unexpectedly a good investment. Not only does it put your property back on the map, but it will come with added insulation and security.

Glass Roll Up Door in bathroom

Now you might be wondering where to start. We have a full list of what to consider before your purchase.

Before the Purchase

Measure Up

First, you need to measure your door as that will reflect on the price. Generally speaking, homes usually are fitted with a standard size door.  However, you may have a double or single. If your home/business door is larger than the standard, you should consider that it might require reinforcements. The measurements for a standard door are 8x7ft, 9x7ft, and 10x7ft. For a double glass door, the sizes are usually 12×7, 14x7x, and 16x7ft.


Each material affects the total cost of your door. Aluminum glass doors are middle of the range. Aluminum glass doors are for those who want aesthetics and practicality. Glass provides natural light, great for businesses. The aluminum ensures the door is strong, useful for harsh weather conditions.


You might be thinking that insulation seems like another expense that maybe you could skip. However, this is quite the contrary. Not only does insulation keep your home or business more energy-efficient, but also soundproof. Insulation may be a bit extra. It’s worth it in the long run as you will see savings on your energy bills.

Insulation is measured using the R-value, which is calculated based on the heat that passes through the material. You are looking for materials with a higher  R-value. When deciding which insulation to choose, spending a bit extra means you put the heating and air conditioning on less often.


With customization, you choose what level you want to take it to. If you are looking to gain more footfall in your business, customizing is the way to go. If you are looking to modernize and showcase your home, adding different panels, and different colors makes all the difference. Your glass door is adaptable to your needs and can function the way you imagined.

Location, Location, Location

The location will impact the price of your glass door. Prices will reflect on local code requirements and taxes. If you live in Florida, you have to make certain that the door can withstand extreme weather such as hurricanes and strong winds.

Spending extra money on hurricane-proof doors could very well become quite expensive, but when comparing it to the loss of personal items or commercial goods, it’s insignificant. Especially with a home, the door can protect the whole house.

Time to Call the Professional

By now, you’ve had some thought over whether you need your door to be insulated, hurricane-proof, etc. It’s so tempting to watch a Youtube video and install the door yourself. However, this extra expense is nothing after you’ve invested so much in the door itself. Also, calling a professional ensures that the door was fitted correctly and will work according to the manual. For more information, learn more about glass roll-up doors and get your quote today.

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