Walk In Baths

Your Guide to Walk-In Baths – and the Reasons Why They’re a Great Addition to Your Bathroom

As we age, the daily tasks that were once simple and part of our daily routine – and that we once took for granted! – can become increasingly challenging. Perhaps we don’t want to face that we are getting older, but it’s a fact – and it’s inevitable. And one of the tasks we most likely take for granted is bathing. Unfortunately, for those with mobility issues or disabilities, the standard tub can be hazardous – and even impossible – to use.

Walk In Baths
Photo: Walk In Baths (Source: JTSpas.co.uk)

Fortunately, this is where walk-in baths can provide a safe and comfortable solution for our needs. But what do you need to know about walk-in baths, and why could it be the best addition to your bathroom? Here’s your complete guide to walk-in baths, their use and function, benefits, and more.

What are they?

You may already have an idea of what they are, but to put it simply, walk in baths are specially designed baths that provide you (or any other family member) with easy access to the bath and various safety features. These baths are equipped with a door that swings open to allow the user to step in, sit down, and close the door behind them. The bather can then fill the bath with water, soak, and relax comfortably; they can even drain the bath and exit safely.

Their use and functionality

Walk in bathtubs are ideal for those with mobility issues, disabilities, or those simply recovering from a long-term injury. The bath’s design is such that it provides a lower threshold, allowing easy access to the user without them having to step over the high sides of a traditional bath. Also, the bath provides a comfortable and safe seating area, with non-slip surfaces and handrails to aid in getting in and out of the bath.

Their benefits

Walk-in baths offer numerous benefits for those with disabilities, mobility issues, or those recovering from an injury. These benefits include:

Safety: The primary benefit of walk-in baths is safety. Since it has a low threshold and a non-slip surface, it provides a safe and secure bathing experience. Even more, the handrails provide extra support for those with issues with balance or mobility.

Comfort: Walk-in baths are designed with supreme comfort in mind. For instance, the baths provide comfortable built-in seating and even include heated surfaces for added comfort.

Independence: They provide a sense of independence for those needing assistance with bathing. With the ease of access and safety features, the bather can easily bathe independently- without needing assistance.

Therapeutic: They can also provide therapeutic benefits. For example, hydrotherapy options, such as air or water jets, can relieve those with chronic pain or arthritis.

Increase your home’s value: When you install a walk-in bath, it can increase the value of your home, making it a wise investment for those looking to sell their home in the future.

Walk-in baths offer a safe, comfortable, and overall therapeutic bathing experience for those with mobility challenges, disabilities, or those recovering from an injury. They are even a good option for families with young children! They offer numerous benefits and features to meet your individual needs and preferences. If you or a loved one are struggling with bathing, a walk-in bath may be the perfect solution for you.

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