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Your New Home Checklist: What’s Next

Closing on a new home is exciting. Owning your own living space feels liberating, and it can make you feel accomplished. However, owning a home also comes with many responsibilities. After closing on your house, you should check the following items off on your to-do list.


  • Change Your Locks
  • Customize Your Home
  • Store Important Documents
  • Take Care of Basic Home Maintenance Projects
  • Perform Safety Checks

Change Your Locks

Did you ever consider who might have owned your home before you? You should especially consider this if your home is not brand new. There may be others who have a key to your house. Thus, you should call a locksmith to change your locks after you move in.

Customize Your Home

Now that you own the property, customize it to suit your needs. For instance, you might want to replace furniture or start measuring the windows in preparation for new curtains. For me, finding a quality, modern furniture store in Jacksonville, Fl was almost as difficult as buying my home. Do your research now so that you’re ready to go on move in day.

Store Important Documents

Now that you’ve closed on your home, you will have large stacks of documents to keep. You should be sure to keep your documents in a safe place. Your deed and other paperwork will come in handy when you need to prove that you’re the homeowner. It’s best to make two copies of your paperwork. Keep one copy in a safe location inside the home. Keep the other in a deposit safe at your bank.

Take Care of Basic Home Maintenance Projects

Taking care of your home from day one is a great way to ensure that it will remain in good condition for many years. One way to do this is to do regular maintenance checks. For starters, make sure your indoor and outdoor vents aren’t blocked. Check your sink drains for clogs and unclog them if needed.

If you have a yard, either plan to cut it yourself or hire someone to do it. You could also consider planting trees, shrubs and flowers. These plants can make your property look inviting to visitors, and if maintained well they can increase your home’s value.

This is also the time to schedule a pest control company to give your property a once over. You don’t want to move everything in just to realize you have an infestation on your hands. I went with a local company, Turner Pest, because they were referred by a friend who had used them. I don’t regret the decision.

Perform Safety Checks

Securing your safety is always important. Make sure you have a working fire extinguisher. Test both your smoke alarms and also the carbon monoxide alarm. Finally, decide if you would like to invest in a home security system.

Purchasing a home is a big investment. You can ensure that your home will give big returns on that investment if you maintain it well. You should also ensure your personal and financial safety by changing your locks, performing safety checks and storing your paperwork in a secure place.

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