Geometric tiles useful in bathroom remodeling.

10 Best Tile Installation Tips for you

It is true that tiles make our home look way more beautiful. Now, what if, you could install tiles all on your own?

Yes, it is pretty interesting and to do so you have to keep these simple tips in mind while installing those beautiful pieces which have been there for thousands of years. Today you have so many design options to choose from and make your floors and walls look super great. Tiles are user-friendly, can be cleaned easily and are durable.

Geometric tiles useful in bathroom remodeling.

Now let’s move on and get some work done here.

1. Firstly it is good to get a sketch of the design and the area where you want to install the tiles for a visual reference so as to make things easier for you. Note down the measurements and everything else needed.

2. Second, you have to make sure that the surface of the floor or the wall where you are intending to install the tiles must be absolutely flat and smooth else the grout joints can crack open. If the surface, anywhere, is not flat then fortify and smoothen it, then lay the tiles.

3. Third, measure the surface area of the floor and the wall; follow the standard quarter method to make it easier for yourself. Divide your room into four parts and then apply the rule.

4. You can remove the baseboard trim before installing the tiles but if you are not doing that then you can right away install the tiles saving a lot of time and labor.

5. One of the most important things about installing tiles is getting the surface prepared. Whether it is a floor or a wall, the surface needs to be abrasive to hold on to the tiles until the mixture of mortar solidifies. Thus you need to make the surface rough before installing the tiles.

6. Choosing the right design according to your requirement and the decor of the room. Which design you will choose depends largely on the decor. Like for kitchen walls, one can go for designs with images of vegetables, fruits on it, etc.

7. Choosing the right material for your need is also important and thus for your flooring needs, you can choose a material like vitrified tiles whereas for walls you can choose ceramic tiles.

8. Cutting tiles to proper measurements is very important and for this proper tools are a must. In this regard, the use of an electrical tile cutting machine is a must and you can get this in any shop that sells heavy machinery.

9. The mortar or the mixture of cement, sand, and water is the thing that holds the tiles in place and getting the correct consistency is a must depending on whether the installation is being made on the walls or on floor. A 1:5 ratio of cement is to sand is good for floors whereas 1:3 ratio is good for walls. The amount of water to be used will be according to your judgment.

10. Once tiles are installed fill the spaces or voids between tiles with white cement.

Did we miss something? You have a tip for installing tile? Then please share with us.

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