10 Things to Consider Before Buying Home

10 Things We Should consider before purchasing home

Every person in this planet dreams to have their own home. And purchasing a home is not an easy task; it takes a person’s years sweat and hard work to purchase a house.

If you too are planning to buy your own dream house, be careful before purchasing the house because sometimes you make such mistake that your house of dream can be dreadful for you.

10 Things to Consider Before Buying Home
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Here we are sharing some points to consider while purchasing the house-

1. Proceed registration process carefully

While purchasing home from any dealer, builder or any other person read the registration agreement very carefully. And take care of procedure of registration carefully. Read the fee structure of registration and all the other legal statement cautiously because registration is a legal process and a little mistake in it can bring you in a big trouble.

2. Environment around your home

Locality around your house matters a lot for yourself and your children also.  At a new place a good neighbourhood is required. With neighbors you should also check is the environment is pollution free or not. Greenery and trees are planted there or not. So you can breathe in fresh air and feel refresh.

You can also check is any park is located in your area or not, because it will be very helpful for your children and might for you if you are nature loving person.

3. Check the electrical fittings and water facilities carefully

Sometimes at the time of purchasing home, some people haste and don’t check the fittings of water and electricity at the given house. As builders have to sell their house and they don’t build the house for their personal purpose, so they don’t check the fittings of all this appliances carefully and just to show the house good they elaborate the things just for fancy.

4. Check your budget

Don’t go for any show off or pretence. Check your budget and do the work accordingly it only. Your one time fantasy can bring you in huge financial problem in near future. As People become emotional many times while purchasing the house , to pursue  their dreams they neglect their financial situation and act accordingly to their emotion, but it is unsafe  for you only for your other economic activities.

5. Deal with a trusted dealer

Don’t go on mouth talking. Before dealing with any dealer check his previous works to confirm is he the right person or not. Talk them wisely as they are specialize in making things. Their work is to sell the house at any cost so they will use all the titbits to convince you.

6. Consider for long run

House is the thing which is once in a lifetime. You cannot purchase it anytime in four to five years. And though before taking the decision, think the house you are taking is useful for long time purpose or not.  You don’t have to do any additional expenses after purchasing the house. You already paid huge amount at the time of buying home and after it also, if you have to maintain the expense will bring trouble for you only. Therefore, have a vision for your house for long run.

7. Market value of the locality around your house

Just don’t buy house because you like it, check the market value of the land of the locality where you are planning to purchase the house. It is of great importance for your house reputation and yourself too.

8. Check your home loan worthiness

Home loans are not given casually. Before sanctioning of a home loan, salary, business income and your occupation are revised.

9. Is the house constructed according to Vastu Shastra

As today Vastu Shastra is considered very much before buying any house. So you should also check, the house you are thinking to buy is constructed according to Vastu Shastra or not.

10. Is the house has sufficient place for parking

One of the most problems people face after purchasing the house is parking the cars and vehicles. So check does sufficient space is provided or not for the parking. Otherwise you have to daily look the face of others for parking your own vehicle.

Do you have more tips to follow before purchasing house? Share it with us in comments.

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