Smart home office

5 Budget Friendly Tricks For Your Home Office

Have you ever sat at work and wondered, “Where did they get the money for all of these things?”

There’s plenty of chairs, desk, tables, equipment, etcetera etcetera, and it’s not that hard to just stop and think about how much you would need to decorate your own workplace.

That’s a question that a lot of people ask themselves once they set out on the adventure of self-employment, and we can gather one thing.

Nobody is trying to customize a home office space by spending the public office budget!

I get it, it can seem daunting to watch all of those price tags add up as you look at that nice desk, or entertain the notion of getting that deluxe computer chair…

Smart home office
Smart home office

That’s why I’ve decided to help you out and suggest 5 budget-friendly tricks for your home office!

Budget Trick #1: What Does This Color Do?

One of the key ingredients in setting up a home office is ensuring that it is optimized for success.

The added challenge is the fact that it’s at home, which means you’re going to have to undo your programming of spending time in comfy, cozy environments.

“Well, how do we do that?”

An easy, and relatively cheap way to do it, is to look into color theory.

On a subconscious level, colors play a major part in influencing your conscious mind.

It’s why a lot of food businesses make sure to put red somewhere in their signs and advertisements because red is a color that will make you hungry on a subconscious level.

See? You didn’t willingly make that sudden turn to hop into the Wendy’s drive-through line because you really wanted to, you were influenced.

And if you can be influenced by the corporations and businesses, you can influence yourself too.

Blue and green are ideal colors, known for their calming and productivity-inspiring hues. Try painting the walls, or setting up a lot of blue things in your workspace to reap the benefits!

Budget Trick #2: How To Sit And Save

If you’re going to be working in your office, chances are that you will need a comfortable way to sit.

No, no, no, step away from that online retailer.

Get off of that fancy office chair website.

Stop touching that extravagant-looking chair longingly in Office Depot, you’re on a budget and making the customers uncomfortable.

If the goal is to make sure that we decorate the home office space, while sticking to the budget, have no worries!

There’s plenty of affordable places to look into for all of your sitting needs.

Your local thrift store is probably full of secret gems just waiting for you to zero in on them.

Facebook Marketplace, or Craigslist, or Letgo/Offerup are three places to look.

They have a whole free section on Craigslist as it is, so be sure to check them out.

You’d never know what you’d find until you look for it.

And if all else fails and there’s a dusty yoga ball that you promised to make use of two Januarys ago?

Even that can be used as a chair!

Budget Trick #3: Standing Desk Converters

As we design the office space, it always looms over the mind to just… go for the best, y’know?

If you’re working in this area and are planning to spend a lot of time here, it sounds like a good idea to get the best desk, chair, and other stuff that money can buy.

But before you press confirm on that delivery for a luxurious, comfy office chair, consider one thing.

Sitting at a desk as part of the daily routine can lead to health concerns over time.

Which leads me to the next suggestion: I should buy a standing desk converter!

They minimize the potential of sitting down all the time and are very affordable for the shopper on a budget.

Budget Trick #4: Save Trees

Instead of opting to get a big file cabinet, files and folders, and the papers you’d file, you can cut down on the costs of buying all of that by taking advantage of today’s technology.

Save everything important on your computer itself, or upload it to the cloud!

It cuts down on office space, is far more convenient, and it’s cheaper than buying all of that stuff!

Budget Trick #5: Personalizing

Instead of running out to go buy all of the knickknacks and decor items to liven up space, why not use your creativity to make something out of what you have?

Want a nice painting? 

Paint it yourself!

Want to go buy a few figurines for the desk?

Use your kid’s toys for that personal touch!

The possibilities are endless as soon as you step away from the outer sources, and tap into your own source!


Setting up a home office on a budget isn’t that hard, as long as you use your creativity and resourcefulness!

You can gear your space for success with a splash of color theory.

You can get everything you need for cheap if you know how to thrift and haggle.

You can decorate your space with personal items as well.

Got any more suggestions? Let us know!

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