Simple pink bedroom for valentine's day by homedecorbuzz

10 Small Bedroom Design Ideas

No matter how big or small your apartment is, the interior designs and decor should be made very specifically and precisely so that it looks more appealing and shows your aesthetic sensibilities.

In this article, let us find out some brilliant small bedroom design ideas… let us begin.

Simple pink bedroom for valentine's day by homedecorbuzz
Small bedroom design

1. If the rooms are small, keep the walls and the lights in neutral shades. This way the rooms would look bigger and spacious than they actually are. Similarly, for bigger rooms, try to keep the walls in a darker shade.

2. Place an eye-catching rug or a carpet, in your bedroom. Preferably, a yellow rug can be implemented on the floor. The yellow color brightens up the home space and reflects a summary and fun-loving mood and at the same time, compliments with other colors as well.

3. Instead of putting on heavy curtains in the house, try to replace them by net or sheer material. This would let the sunshine in and make the room look elegant.

4. Try to put on some appealing bed sheets and sofa covers and choose the colors wisely.

5. A look of your bed becomes more exquisite when a proper mattress is placed on top of it. Place a spring free and good quality mattress on your bed.

6. Investing in a good mattress is not the only job. There is always a chance of damage that can be caused to the mattress, knowingly or unknowingly. Thus, encasing your mattress with a mattress protector would help to keep your mattress away from bed bugs, dust mites, allergens and also prevent stains or any kind of moisture that can damage the mattress badly.

A mattress protector is a covering (mostly made up of 100% cotton) that sits on top of the mattress, protecting it against any kind of damage. These are available in different shades and designs, giving you enough options to choose between.

7. Try out a mattress foundation instead of your regular bed. A mattress foundation is a box that is usually made up of wood. Its purpose is to serve as a support to the mattress. It helps to maintain the structural integrity of the mattress as it distributes the weight on the mattress evenly which in turn increases its longevity.

8. Try to decorate one of the walls with antique paintings or wall hangings. This would portray your interest and good knowledge of history. You can even hand paint the walls with scenery or any kind of art. This never goes out of fashion.

9. You can even include wall art or wallpaper for additional decoration. You can change them whenever you want to and this would give a completely new look to the room.

10. Lastly, incorporate some plants like water lilies or some lotus plants. It would help to make the surroundings look refreshing and soothing and also make the house pollution-free.

So now that you are armed with some splendid ideas to spruce up your compact bedroom, go ahead and try them out.

Let your home do the talking!

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  1. Most bedroom layouts feature the bed arranged at the centre of the wall. However, when remodelling small bedroom designs, you can make the most of the space by placing your bed against the wall. Thanks for posting this information.

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