Dazzling window curtains make small space home delightful.

5 Popular Window Styles: What are the Main Pros and Cons?

Property owners choose window designs according to the benefits the installations provide. When reviewing the window options, the property owner must consider security, safety, and the total cost. Homeowners who want more information read about the pros and cons of the 5 most popular window styles.

Dazzling window curtains make small space home delightful.

Bay Windows

Property owners who love bay windows discover the elegance and sophistication of the installations. Several owners use the window design for the window seat that allows them to sit near the window and enjoy a view of their property.

Unfortunately, the window styles take up a lot of the living space and don’t present an ideal solution for property owners with less than average square footage. The window designs are also more expensive installations that require extensive maintenance.

Casement Windows

Property owners who want a more contemporary modern design choose casement windows. The windows have a better seal than other options, such as double-hung designs, but they allow homeowners to enjoy a nice spring breeze without difficulty. The installations can prevent intruders from entering the windows and causing personal injuries.

On the other hand, the windows don’t stand up to severe storms. It comes with a crank-style opening mechanism that is more likely to stop functioning prematurely. Property owners cannot use the window style as an egress window due to their smaller size.

Slider Windows

Slider windows are very durable and are easier to use than crank-style window selections. The property owner can get the slider windows for an affordable price and save money on labor costs. Major drawbacks of the window installations are that the tracks require frequent cleaning as they are more prone to collecting dust, dirt, and debris.

The shapes and sizes of the windows are restricted to a small collection of styles. Some property owners avoid the styles since it was more popular in the 1950s and presents a more dated style.

Double-Hung Windows

Property owners choose double-hung windows due to their larger size and versatility. Property owners choose the windows to enhance Victorian or Colonial home designs. The cost of the windows is more affordable for most homeowners, and property owners won’t face difficulties opening or closing the windows.

The major drawbacks of the designs are the wear and tear on the sash and the increased risk of window glass breakage during a storm.

Awning Windows

The awning windows offer better protection for property owners when windows are installed lower to the ground. The installations also offer more protection for properties that are in an area where rain is more frequent.

The awning is positioned over the top of the window and lowers the risk of intrusions where perpetrators can reach the windows easier. Homeowners who prefer to leave their windows open won’t have to worry about rain entering the windows.

The major drawbacks are that the property owner won’t receive as much fresh air in the windows as with other selections. The windows use cranks to open, and the cranks are more likely to stop working before the window installation reaches its projected longevity.

Property owners review window designs according to their preferences and the longevity of the installation. Each of the selections offers extraordinary benefits and improves the way the property looks. However, some options last longer and provide more use-value for their price. Property owners who read through the pros and cons of popular window designs find the best installation for their homes.

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