Elegant wood shelves for bathroom

Amazing DIY Wood Craft Projects For Your Home

Your home is a place where you feel the most welcomed. So, obviously, you would want the place to be decorated beautifully according to your style and preferences. And what better way than to decorate it by your own hands?

People use paper, plastic, glass, cardboard, and even wood to make small objects that really lighten up the place. Wood seems to be a very aptitude choice while making basically anything big or small.

Wooden objects also bring a sense of elegance and an organic touch to the house. These pieces are not just for show; a lot of them actually come to be really handy as well, and you don’t need master level expertise to create these objects.

Elegant wood shelves for bathroom
Elegant wood shelves

What you need is a bit of effort, patience, and guidelines. There are tons of resources, guidelines, and toolkits on the internet to show you around the ropes and get you familiar with how to work with wood, especially when you want to make your own craft objects from wood.

Here is a list of eighteen stunning yet easy to make furniture and objects out of wood that can really enhance the interior of your house.

1.  Wooden Chopping Board

One can easily make wooden chopping boards and trays with minimum expense. Hard, dense wood with fine grains needed to be selected for this purpose and also need to be well furnished.

2.  Shoe Rack

It’s difficult to fit a large shoe cabinet in a small or medium sized hallway. Wooden shoe racks can not only fit shoes orderly, but also give you an overview of your collection. A few wooden boxes or wooden pallets and you are good to go.

3.  Wooden stool

Whether it be a single step stool, a modern stylized tall stool to reach upper cabinets, or a storage stool, you can make them all with some wooden boards, pocket screws, wood glue, and sandpaper.

4.  Floating Bookshelf

Making your own bookshelf is pretty neat, but making a shelf that not only holds your stuff but also gives you floor space is something else. No matter how small or big your home is, it can always benefit from a little extra space. Here, you can also let your imagination fly on how you want these floating shelves to be.

5.  Card Holder

1.5″ thick scrap wood pieces are ideal for making some amazing card holders. You can even carve company logos and names to give it a more appealing look.

6.  Wooden Coasters

Wooden Coasters are small and fun to make, but you can really have fun making them. Let the artist within you take place and create fun designs or artworks on it. You can create rustic coasters out of them, and you can gift these to your friends and family as well.

7.  Live Edge Tables

These look amazing but also cost a lot, so why not make one of your own? What you need is live edge or natural edge piece of wood, metal stands, wood glue, cutting toolkit, and varnish.

8.  Nightstand

A perfect place to put the lamp that stays beside the bed. You can either go with a simplistic look with a top and stands, or you can build a few compartments to hold things in it as well.

9.  Napkin Holder

Wooden napkin holders alongside wooden tables bring a very organic vibe to your dining room. They are pretty easy and simple to make as well. All you need is hardwood or plywood, glue, nails, a saw, and a hammer.

10. Wooden Basket

Wooden baskets are pretty cool, easy to make, and also have multiple usage. You can make a small one to use it as a showpiece, or make a larger one to make it look like a crate for potted plants or supplies. You can even use it as front porch display by making it a pumpkin basket.

11. Magazine/Newspaper Rack

Tired of piling up newspapers and magazines on tables and forgetting which ones you read? Well, then newspaper racks come to your aid. These wonderful pieces can help categorize newspapers and magazines to the user’s likings. With a little more work, a compartment can also be added to use it as a shelf, too.

12. Picture Frame

Picture frames are mostly made of wood. So, custom made frames can be the way to go if you are okay with a little bit of wood carving. Small pieces of pine boards or mahogany and oak woods are perfect for making small or large frames.

13. Spice Rack

To spice up the interior of the kitchen, you can always add a spice rack. Whether it be a wall mounted one or a standing one, it is sure to keep the kitchen organized and give a rustic accent to it.

14. Quilt ladder

Blankets always somehow end up getting messy, crumpled, and piled up. Sturdy quilt ladders always keep our warm cozy essentials organized. This is basically a ladder where you can fold and hang the blankets in the steps.

15. Desk Organizer

You will not have to pile and keep everything in your desk drawers if you have a wooden desk organizer to keep your essentials tidy, and these can be made in mere minutes if you have the equipment: wood boxes, foam brushes, and paint.

16. Clothes Rack

Similar to other shelves and racks, these can also be mounted where your clothes can be stored or hung in an organized manner.

17. Classic Wooden Headboard

Use wood to create rustic, modern, farmhouse, or classic headboards that give the bedroom a whole new dimension.

18. Wooden Welcome Sign

Small rustic-designed wooden slab or a plank sized wooden board that says “Welcome” does add a nice touch to the front porch and also makes you feel very welcomed.

Whether you want a rustic, classic, or modernized look for your house, these wooden DIY projects are sure to do the job and turn heads around making your house even more beautiful.

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