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5 Safe DIY Home Pest Control Tips to Use with Professional Services

Pests are one of the peculiar things about living in a home. Even if a house provides comfort and shelter from the outside dangers and dust, if pests infiltrate the area, soon, the home can become no less disquieting than your garden outside. Moreover, most home pest eradicating strategies and repellent products only work to some extent and don’t really diminish the pest problem from the root.

Beautiful home exterior design

This makes the pests come back for more, and a cycle forms. Also, most of the pesticides used inside homes are harmful to adults, kids, and pets. For this reason, it’s always ideal to call pest control services or use safe and easy DIY methods to eradicate the problem.

Survey the following tips if you are experiencing pests for safe removal and comfort in the house:

Coffee Grounds

Using leftover or recycled coffee grounds is a foolproof insect repellant that can be used indoors and outside to control pests. Several insects like beetles, flies, and mosquitoes are significantly displeased by grounding and may even work to kill them.

As caffeine and diterpenes are coffee compounds that work well for killing insects, it can be an inexpensive and effective home remedy that is also environmentally friendly. It’s not a dangerous product to use in gardens and can work well as compost.

Borax and Sugar

Another widely used DIY method to get rid of ants and other insects is to create a mixture of sugar and Borax that works like magic over time. By mixing ½ cup of sugar and two tablespoons of Borax, you can get rid of any degree of an ant problem.

Make sure to place the solution at the entrance of an ant’s march and stop them from entering your house. This remedy may be a little messy as it involves sugar as bait for ants and other insects, so make sure to use it only in areas where ants can be killed, and it won’t spread to other sites. Clean up after the insect problem has been taken care of.

Apple Cider Vinegar

A healthy product to devour and use as a DIY cleaning product, apple cider vinegar is also an excellent bait for insects and flies. As the product smells like ripe fruits, fruit flies and other insects are attracted to it. It’s best to use apple cider vinegar inside a trap to attract flies and bees with its pungent smell and get rid of them by disposing of them from the ploy carefully.

USB Mosquito Killer

Mosquitoes are the most troublemaking pests. They are hard to trap, and their bites are the most dangerous for your health. Mosquitoes can transmit life-threatening diseases like dengue and malaria. These pests are most frequent near swamps and during the summer. 

The pesticides used for eradicating them include harmful sprays and chemical-filled coils that can be dangerous to come in contact with and may not be that effective to get rid of every blood-sucking mosquito. That’s why we recommend using the latest version of the USB LED light trap that is a stress-free and hands-free way to get rid of mosquitoes and dispose of them with the collecting tray.

Eco-Friendly Spray

Most homeowners like to use store-bought sprays to get rid of insects and bugs in scantily as they are easy to implement. However, these sprays contain some of the most harmful ingredients, dangerous to inhale, which is unavoidable. Hence using an ecological spray that uses responsible ingredients safe for the people and environment like lemongrass, eucalyptus oil, etc., works well for ridding pests. 

If these aren’t available in your local hypermarket, you can make your own with garlic and mint that helps keep the outdoor area clear from any garden pests and the plants healthy.

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