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Types Of Construction Companies

A construction company is what you look for when you want to build a new house, building or an office. These construction companies help you out from designing the plan to actually building and constructing on the land.

They are divided into different types depending upon the types of job you want to get done and what the companies perform and offer. The company type can be denoted by their role in construction such as design, acquisition of land, execution, financial planning,  operating, paper works, and maintenance, etc.

Construction work
Photo: Construction work

For example, many of the Cameron Construction Melbourne Builder are large-scale companies that can provide you with all these facilities. So, scoop in more to find out the types of construction companies to know which one is suitable for you.

General Constructors

The general construction companies are often the experts in either alteration work or new building. Alteration contractors generally perform most of their trades with their own forces and teams, while many building contractors subcontract a significant part of their work for their ease. In addition to that, some general contractors alo specialize in public works too.

Small Renovation Contractors

The small renovation contractors are generally responsible for the kind of jobs that require small amounts of capital only and do not need a large construction organization or much estimating. They usually work on things like a small commercial, home alterations, or office work. Most of the small renovation contractors have their offices in their own homes, and they do mostly the paperwork at night.

Real Estate Developer

This type of contractor is basically a type of owner-builder who may also build to sell before or after completion of the project other than building for personal use. The one and two-family home builders are primarily included in this category of construction companies.

Professional Construction Manager

The professional company managers can also be defined as an individual, company, or a group of individuals who perform the basic functions needed in building a project and act as an agent of the owner.  But they do the task in such a way as if the job was done with the help of the owner’s own employees.

This kind of construction company generally supplies all the personnel required, which include construction expeditors, project managers, superintendents, and accounting personnel. The job of the manager in this is to sublet all the different portions of the construction work in the name of the owner and perform all the essential office administration.

Package Builders

The companies like these take on a contract for both construction and design of a building. The services that they offer often include financing the project and acquisition of the land. Firms that offer package building are usually able to show prospective clients prototypes of similar and previous completed projects.

Package builders mostly employ their own staff of engineers, architects, and construction personnels too. However, some package building builders also subcontract the design portion to independently working engineers and architects. One thing to note is that when a package builder undertakes design as a part of the order, the builder must have the necessary building license for architecture and engineering purposes.

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