5 tips to decor bedroom on valentine's day.

5 tips to decor bedroom on valentine’s day 2019

Valentine’s Day is a day of celebration of love and it is celebrated on 14th February every year. Valentines is special time of the year when lovers spends quality time with each other. Apart from the cliched preparations where you will surprise your lover with a Valentine’s present and card, let’s prepare the home to enjoy these unforgettable moments.

5 tips to decor bedroom on valentine's day.

Decorating the bedroom in the color of love will make the atmosphere more romantic and intimate. Flowers, rose leafs, heart balloons, candles or any other decorative item that depicts love are the symbol of Valentine’s Day. To make your valentine memorable with your partner by decorating your bedroom, here are some tips.

Valentine Day bedroom decorating tips

Lightning in the room

To add a pinch of spice in your romance, lightning is bound to play a most important role. Rather than choosing sparkling lights you can go for soft lightning which create a pleasing environment. If your bedroom already has the automatic lightning option; you can opt to switch pre-programmed moods with ease otherwise turn on to the other options to create soothing environment.

Romantic look to your room with Candles

A dreamy look with candles can evoke feelings of intimacy and make your stress run away. Instead to think and worry about the dim lights of the candles, switch to some candles which will set the right mood. To have the best effects, you can place them in each corner of the room and light some floating candles in the middle of the room. You can also choose Valentine’s Day-themed candles for more pleasing visual.

Soft romantic music in the Air

Music is a part of decoration which will turn on the romantic corner of one’s mind and a hint of music in air will make the moment even more special. Make a list of at least three-four music which you and your lover have enjoyed the most till date and choose to play one special tune or song you love.

Besides this, chocolates, flowers, champagne will bring a richer romantic feel. Make visual pictures or collages with soft music and play it on the TV and make moment even more special.

Window Curtains or draperies

You should select dark curtains so that it can curb lights from any sorts of external noise from intervening in the romantic mood. Also, if window dressing matches up with the bedding or carries a contrasting color then the whole room will make a lot of difference and add on to the romantic feeling into one’s mind. All these together will make one feel like swaying in the air of love with your partner.

Color of bedding with interesting texture

This is most important fact in the room as it will create an impression in front of your partner. Velvet, silk and satin should be the perfect fabrics for your bed sheets as it will give you comfort and leaving you cozy whole night. For the color of bedding you should choose colors like pearl, gold or bronze and try to avoid unconventional colors like pink, yellow, orange or grey.

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Thus, you should be really cautious about colors and some of the popular colors that are popular and can be trusted are red, black, white or blue. Adding an interesting texture is also important as rich fabrics can be used for comforters, blankets and pillows and thus, provide you more comfort whole night while being intimate with your partner.

These are some tips to decorate bedroom for Valentine’s day. What do think about these ideas? Share your views.

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